More specific pastel papers can be found in Paper Section of the website and which includes the Daler Rowney Ingres Pastel Pads which have excellent tooth for using with pastels. This is a well known paper for watercolour which I have used before so I bought it because I like it! Paper is still made in the original factory in Lorraine, France. I go? Another good, very scientific review of Arches paper is found on Handprint. The 140# paper will buckle if it's not firmly stretched. The best there is! At the painting group I belong to. Arches is well known for smelling like cat pee when wet. We do also stock single larger sheets, which are available singually in our shops and in packs of 10 online. Arches watercolor pads contain paper made with natural cotton fibers on a cylinder-mold machine. Lovely paper to work on and excellent quality. They are supported by the ads shown and selling my paintings. Arches is a basic, reasonably consistent paper for most work. It's marketed as professional artist grade watercolor paper. All ARCHES Fine Art and printing papers are made on a cylinder mould. I generally have a roll of huge Arches in stock as well as a few blocks! Cass Art is the trading name of Art-Line Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with a company number 1799472Cass Art, Cass Art London and the Cass Art logo are trade marks and trade names of Art-Line Limited. This rough grain paper helps to achieve valuable effects of texture. Arches® Watercolour / Arches® Aquarelle is a favourite among watercolourists. All of the sizes except the 46 x 61 are stocked by our Charing Cross shop and will be the same price as online. ARCHES is the only paper mill in the world to gelatin size its watercolour paper … Is the sizing immediately gone? Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper Blocks are available in 3 surface finishes, 2 paper weights, and all in a Natural White shade. Recommended. However, the quality control of most watercolor paper companies is well, sketchy. Cold press is not extremely textured and the rough is not very rough. This paper is made from 100% cotton fibre and is acid-free so, as long as you store them properly, your artworks will outlive you. I value my privacy and yours. Just the best after trying the rest. It's marketed as professional artist grade watercolor paper. The finished product is well able to stand up to tough treatment, so you can use multiple washes of colour and scrub away mistakes without worrying about damaging your work. Superb watercolour paper. Recommend to anyone looking for a beautifully textured water colour paper. Does it respond well to Arches is made at the same French mill as BFK Rives paper. I had not tried this paper before but found it great. Available to collect within 3 working days: £4.95, Republic of Ireland Delivery - Free on orders over 75€ Within 3-5 working days: 10€, International Delivery - Free on orders over 75€ Within 5-7 working days: 10€ or 15€, To return items, please follow the instructions on our return page. Any other recommendation links I receive no compensation for. These pads contain 12 sheets of natural white, acid free, and 100percent cotton paper in a fold over pad. It’s naturally pure white, with no optical brighteners, made with natural gelatin sizing and pre-stretched. and natural gelatin sizing. Takes low-tack masking tape and fluid well despite rougher surface. Venice Palazzo Painting Tutorial painted on Arches Rough Press. The Arches factory was founded in 1492. The gummed pads are perfect for me. Charleston Watercolor Painting Tutorial painted on Arches Rough Press. Individual artists will have as many different opinions as painting styles! If you buy enough paper, you'll end up with some bad batches. The quality control has some minor issues, but overall it is fairly consistant. Arches have been making paper since 1492, so they’ve had plenty of time to get it just about perfect. The block is perfect for anyone not wanting to stretch because of limited space or time or painting outdoors on the move. Will it resist or soak up water? Sometimes the sizing is patchy. Buy Arches Aquarelle Watercolour Block 300gsm Rough from Cass Art: Arches Aquarelle … Lovely paper. It's a few years old, but still relevant since the paper hasn't changed much! Paper is made from 100% cotton rag I think the quality has gone down recently, quality control is letting a lot of things slip through.