Here's how I prepared the spinach. This benefit has been proven by a 1999 study of more than 72,000 women. Spinach is a super food loaded with tons of nutrients in a low-calorie package. Spinach: A Superfood with Impressive Health Benefits. In addition to vitamin K, spinach has an optimal composition of calcium and potassium. Some may disagree with me on that first point. By eating spinach, you’re just cleaning your skin from the inside out! Spinach juice helps to create red blood cell in our body because it has very high content of essential nutrients.. All in all, I ate almost 6 pounds (3 kilograms) of spinach every day. Spinach contains antioxidants that fight against all types of skin problems. Proven Eye Health Protecting Qualities Although spinach is good for our health, skin, and hair but there are also some side effects of eating too much spinach, and this article we will know about these side effects in details. “Popeye was definitely on to something. Eating spinach will reduce the risk of osteoporosis or fracture. So ultimately, I ended up eating three huge spinach smoothies a day, about 2 quarts (2 liters) each. Some of the essential health benefits of spinach juice are as follows:- 1) Production of Red blood cell. Spinach is a super versatile leafy green that you can find in several different varieties. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds are all great for your skin. Spinach, whether eaten raw or cooked, is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and beneficial phytochemicals. There are several reasons to eat spinach. Because of the presence of these compounds, spinach is very beneficial for our health and there are also some beauty benefits associated with it. Here are 10 of them. Add it to your everyday diet and see what happens. I had some trouble swallowing down this much food in a day. Health Benefits Of Spinach Juice. Seeds. Dark, leafy greens like spinach are important for skin, hair, and bone health.They also provide protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals.”. Personally, I think it's delicious AND nutritious. But that's ok. Here, we take an in-depth look into the health benefits of this green superfood. And I probably couldn't eat much more even if I tried forcing myself to do it. Spinach is known to … 8 Health Benefits of Eating Spinach.