Best Air Fryer for a Small Kitchen: Cuisinart Compact AirFryer Toaster Oven For anyone living in an apartment or with limited counter space, this compact air fryer from Cuisinart is a great investment. The digital controls make setting it a snap. This is a premium unit for those who don’t mind paying more to get the Phillips name backing their purchase. The temperature range of this Willsence air fryer is comparatively wide – 140°F to 400°F. Therefore, if you are a single person, you have to consider this before making the decision. Other than these, the food basket is nonstick, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. The cooking basket is good enough to cook a dozen chicken wings or 1 pound of French fries in a few minutes. The wattage of the heating element of this unit is 1700W. I think this article will help you choose the best air fryer if you are a single person or living in a family of 2. The general measurements are done in quarts, pounds or liters, each depending on the manufacturer and/or the region it would be used for. Compact air fryers do the same job as the full sized models, they just have a smaller capacity. With this technology, you can cook the food with just a tablespoon or less oil and get an evenly cooked food. If the basket has a non-stick coating, then you should clean it with extra care so that the coating is unharmed. If you are a single person or living in a small family, looking for the best air fryer for the money, then Willsence 3.7-quart air fryer is the best option for you. Which capacity is the right for your situation? You will get a free multi-layer rack with it that can be a great help to maximize the cooking capacity. The basket and inner pan are both non-stick and dishwasher safe. The adjustable thermostat goes up to 400F and the 60 minute timer with auto shut-off will ensure you never burn your food. The weight of this unit is around 11 pounds. That’s enough room to make a couple of servings of fries or mozzarella sticks, an omelette, a couple of chicken breasts or a grilled sandwich. But you do not need to worry about it. The Actifry range uses a paddle that slowly moves the food round for even cooking whereas most others have the food in a pull out tray/basket or lift up tray/basket with an area below to catch drips. Premium air fryer for one person – Philips TurboStar Some people prefer premium products. This trendy fryer is a modern unit in a retro package. Another important aspect of portability is the weight. Other good features include the digital control panel with eight preset cooking options. It is the best value for the features and capacity. If you want toaster and broil function, then the higher range should be around 450°F or more. What are the other good features of Ninja AF101 air fryer? As a result, you will consume around 65% fewer calories. Ninja is the renowned name in the field of the air fryer. GoWISE USA 2.75-quart air fryer is included with rapid air circulation technology. Remember that you may cook a whole chicken in a smaller size air fryer without having rotisserie function. Other than this function, it can be used as a dehydrator as well. At twice the size of the smaller units, this compact fryer can hold up to 2.2 pounds of food! Other advantages of GoWISE USA 2.75-quart air fryer for a small family includes the FDA certification and PFOA free property. It includes an auto shut off technology. It is also capable of preparing baked goods. A drawback of this unit is the few days of the warranty period. The price of this unit is just about 50 bucks. The inner basket and detachable pan are both non-stick and dishwasher safe. If you prefer a 2-qt air fryer because you think it is good enough for one person, then you will have to be satisfied with the basic temperature range that I have mentioned. Try to purchase accessories that are made of stainless steel to make sure longevity. Therefore, if you do not want to purchase a bigger size air fryer with a dehydrator for your small family, this little air fryer can do the job. Therefore, you can dehydrate fruits and vegetables along with fish and meat. It has some unique features that no other air fryers for a single person have. These are the drawbacks of this popular air fryer. Therefore, you can even dehydrate the most sensitive foods such as seeds and herbs with it. They are best for small kitchens, RV’s or dorm rooms, and for folks who want to make food for 1 person. The basket is detachable and BPA free. With a wide temperature range of 105°F to 400°F, it is capable of food dehydration along with other common cooking functions. As you are a one-person family, think whether you have enough space to keep it before making the decision. You will get a lot of free accessories with this PowerXL air fryer that is a great advantage of it. At first, compare the dimension and overall volume with the competitors. Do not expect a full range of dehydration, toast, and broil function with it. Then you need an air fryer with a higher capacity. I think it is an underrated air fryer. Whether the accessories are dishwasher safe or not, it is better to wash these with mild cleaning liquid and lukewarm water without putting into the dishwasher. The reason I recommend this for a small family is the compactness and cooking capacity. However, if you have a fixed place to live with a wide kitchen, then you must get a larger air fryer. Rather, I will review the top 10 air fryers that will be the best solutions for different individuals. The cost of an air fryer depends on the basket size, features, and brand reputation. The reason I have placed this GoWise USA air fryer in my list is the reputation of this supplier and the overall dimension that is only 11 x 8 x 6 inches. This extremely compact fryer is a great choice for those who live in tight spaces!