Yes, there was the occasional Phantasy Star, but other than that, not much else. It’s hard to pull that off with a single finger the way you certainly could on a controller. Because of this feature, the game’s puzzles revolve around each of the elementals as well. Even more than two decades later, the adventure of Prince Ali (amorous he) remains quite a bit of fun and rather unique to boot. If you could please let us know, stating exactly where you found the broken link, the staff here will do their best to fix the problem. It's all rather enjoyable. However, Ali’s pouch is much too small, for he can only hold sixteen items at a time, and to make matters worse, identical items are not grouped as one. So, while the Super Nintendo had myriad RPGs and action-adventure games under its crown, the Genesis did not really have as many to boast about. Owing to that brevity, the game’s pacing is excellent. From the gorgeous visuals to the clever use of Spirits for battles and puzzles, Beyond Oasis may not be timeless, but it is quite the epic adventure regardless. Dytto is especially useful in the early game because that Spirit has a healing ability. Unfortunately, it also puts him at odds with the mysterious bearer of the silver armlet. This game looks like a cartoon. While this elemental summoning approach to RPGs is by no means a new one, the interactivity of these elementals to the world is unique. Enter whichever dungeon is open to you, solve the puzzles and defeat the enemies found within, beat a big boss, and exit with some sort of trinket or plot coupon that will open the way to the next dungeon. As Prince Ali, you are out to stop an evil sorcerer and save the island of Oasis. Here is the SPC review of Beyond Oasis for the Sega Genesis. Beyond Oasis Review In an effort to fulfill the promise I made in my “ Sega Gap ” post, I decided to make my last game of #ARPGAugust something from the Sega Genesis library. Sadly, Beyond Oasis lacked much of the quality that other games had at the time, and although it was fun, it had many weaknesses. Beyond Oasis (Free) used to be part of this group, but it feels like it’s slowly moving into the second category instead. While the Super Nintendo arguably was more proficient with platformers and RPGs, the case could easily be made that the Sega Genesis did better with fighters and sports games. (Sorry, not sorry.). You are the young Prince Ali in a desperate fight to defeat the evil that is threatening your island empire, Oasis. Overall, Beyond Oasis gets an 78%. When a monster approaches on the field, Ali can stab, slash, or perform a more complex attack with a certain combination of buttons and D-Pad movements. Furthermore, regarding traversal of the world in Beyond Oasis, I found this rather tedious at times. Finally, there are games that SEGA only seems to include if they’re being very thorough. Nevertheless, the game can still be enjoyed in its current form, and on balance is probably one of the best action-RPGs currently available to mobile gamers. Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2015. Your map will helpfully have flags planted in whatever place you should be heading to next, so unless you intentionally dally, you should finish the game within six to eight hours. When I play Beyond Oasis now it kind of reminds me of Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage for the Dreamcast, which is kind of weird considering the time lapse between the games. Play free and rediscover SEGA’s timeless ad…, Join us on the TouchArcade Discord server, Support TouchArcade by shopping on Amazon, Follow TouchArcade on Twitch to watch our playthroughs, ‘Pokemon GO’ Third Generation Monsters to Make Appearance on Halloween, According to Apple Watch Feature, ‘Forager’ Review – A REALLY Great Game, but a So-So Mobile Port. The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell (Updated), Play Faster Than Everyone Else with The Best 240Hz Gaming Monitors, Metal Gear Solid Bionic Arm Has Come to Life, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Update Brings Turkey Day and Toy Day, Updated: The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart. True RPGs such as Phantasy Star 2 & 4, as well as the Shining Force series really made an impression on many gamers. This game feels considerably more linear than Zelda, and it’s assuredly shorter than most of the games in that series. Now, Prince Ali must use the gold armlet to put a stop to a new evil that has entered the picture--one wielding the silver armlet once more to cause havoc and ultimately rule the land of Oasis and the world itself.