Though Titans is very much an ensemble story, a bulk of the action and drama has centered on Dick Grayson (Thwaites) as he departed from beneath Batman's wing and forge his own heroic identity. She obviously has her own family conflicts with Kory. Though the episode served to help Dick Grayson finally (and brutally) lay his Batman-shaped demons to rest, season 2 merely retconned the Titans' history and gave Dick even more demons to brood over. How does that act impact and influence the Titans, past and present? THWAITES: The team really makes Dick to look inside himself and ask himself the question of, “What kind of leader do I want to become? Recently Deathstroke resurfaced and is hellbent on making all the Titans suffer… especially the former Boy Wonder. I watched the movie. When his parents perished in a tragic circus accident, the 12-year-old was adopted by billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen). How did it evolve from the first fitting and what was your impression of it? It is Dick’s mistake in underestimating his enemy. While the photo doesn't reveal anything about the eagerly anticipated third season of Titans, Thwaites has previously teased that Season 3 will see some new updates to the Nightwing suit, changes that have taken some time due to the cost involved as well as the time spent designing and perfecting the suit. How curious were you about which version they would land on? "I was originally inspired by Nolan's Batman, and, in my brain, I imagined doing this amazing Nightwing film. The original Nightwing costume design stands as a fan favorite, but the outfit has been tweaked and modified over the decades. Those two characters are touching again on family conflicts and what it’s like to have an abrupt, abusive family relationship. It seemed to me he was dealing with an inner complex of, “Who am I? Copyright 2020 After much teasing throughout season 2, however, Dick Grayson finally evolved into Nightwing during the Titans season 2 finale. In the episode titled "Deathstroke, "Dick goes toe-to-toe with Deathstroke. What lessons, good or bad, do I want to instill in this team?” The challenge of having younger, temperamental, more inexperienced Titans in his grasp is making him realize that good intentions aren’t enough. Many fans assumed that transition - which would see him officially adopt his Nightwing persona from the comics - would culminate at the end of season 1. We could both do a lot more stuff than we thought. The show proved a hit upon release and was rapidly renewed for a sophomore outing. Over the course of the season, we help him find that. He comes to us in search of his own identity. 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As such, a third season has already been confirmed for the future. Are they considering crossing that moral line? As such, whether or not that Nightwing movie will ever see the light of day remains even more in question. He had just left Batman. John Atkinson has been a news and feature writer for Screen Rant since late 2018. Furthermore, that's what he imagined he was potentially in line for. I guess he hopes from that mistake that he and the original Titans – Donna Troy, Hank and Dawn – all can move on and basically can become stronger. It’s a moment where the character needs to say something bold in order to move on. But, the way the story had it, we had other elements to deal with, so we went down a different path. It's hard to argue with his logic. This season's bombshell involved Deathstroke shooting Garth.