A company profile, also called a business profile, is a document or tool that contains a clear and concise description of the business. If you are looking to create a job description, then have a look at below-mentioned job description templates. If someone reads only this part of your plan, they should be able to get what you’re trying to accomplish. You can tell a story of your brand or how your business has achieved a certain milestone or award. To effectively do this, businesses need to be able to convey all the key information request about their business not only to potential customers but also to different investors. 435.0 KB, 52.6 KB | Even though you might be tempted to go over-the-top with your designs, you can always use a minimalist design when creating your company profile. What niche does your product or service fill? Are you a sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation, partnership or corporation? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. When and where were you founded? "At Accion, the loan process was straightforward. >, Articles, Videos & Webinars Remember to include the awards and achievements that your company has accumulated or achieved for the entirety of its operations. This document will help convince potential employee suggestions to choose your business. © 2020Accion is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 239.5 KB, 215.8 KB | How are you different from other businesses? This is especially important if this is your first time or if you are new to creating one. 60.6 KB, 125.3 KB | Include a short overview of your company’s performance, specifically how your business is doing financially for a certain period of time. 84.1 KB, 55.0 KB | When you share the story about why you started your company and what keeps you motivated, it helps you stand out from the crowd and gives your plan a personal touch. 66.7 KB, 95.6 KB | 163.9 KB, 68.2 KB | Just like an individual’s resume—which provides an overview of a person’s educational background, work experience, and other important information—a company profile basically serves as a resume for your business or organization, informing the reader or viewer of the business’s history, products and services, resources, location, number of employees, etc. This will allow you to add a visual appeal to your company. That said, don’t get carried away. Who are the customers, organizations, or other businesses that your company will serve? It can be used as a marketing tool, to attract investors and clients who might be interested in the product or service provided by the company. For many businesses and organizations, building a brand is an essential process that every business owner should do, especially for new companies who are trying to attract a specific market or audience. I made myself checklists for each section to help me stay organized, and will be sharing these with you in a downloadable PDF version you can find below. A company profile can be used for selling. 83.8 KB, 136.3 KB | 39.0 KB, 47.5 KB | What inspired you to come up with the idea for your business? In just 15 minutes, you can be on your way toward applying for a small business loan. 66.5 KB, 143.7 KB | 77.9 KB, 86.4 KB | Although you need to include all the important information about your company or brand, it is important to keep it brief when creating a company. Company Profile Sample A company profile is a professional introduction of the business and aims to inform the audience about its products and services. 144.3 KB, 95.3 KB | Create and write down your company’s, Write a detailed description of the capabilities of your business’s workforce, as well as the management team based on their. This will help establish not only the business’s dependability but also help build trust with the people who plan on doing business with you. Sample Company Profile - 7+ Documents in Word, PDF There are various types of company profiles that can be used depending on the type of industry where the business belongs to.