Illuminate sections of your closet with LED rods. The Grid Closet System is 72 inches tall and designed to fit closets that are 4 to 8 feet in width. Hangers included. Accents of color provide a high-end look and make your storage system unique to your home. Selections range from spun silver to organic flowers and grass. Elfa Classic is the original custom closet system. We offer hundreds of ways to style your design while increasing the space’s storage capacity. Design options vary by location due to COVID-19 and local restrictions. Whether your space is a walk-in, reach-in, or a spare room, our closet designer has the vision and creativity to turn your dream into reality. Inserts provide stylish or colorful accents to your storage system, creating a highly personalized design feature to suit you and your home. Our closet designers collaborate with you ensuring your new system is entirely organized and stylish. Closet Drawer Sizes: Built-in closet drawers are usually custom … We specialize in designing custom closets for people like you who want a more organized life. Section off drawers with Lucite dividers to keep them organized. We offer a wide range of door and drawer styles to integrate with the design of your home for a cohesive overall look. X. Our thermofused melamine is pressed directly onto pinecore substrate. Where every closet system is custom. We use cookies and IP address to provide you with the best possible experience. Black nylon laundry bags make sorting easy, and are easily removed for trips to the cleaners or washing machine. Please correct the error(s) in the fields highlighted below. Read More > about our TouchLessService™. Our various finishes and styles available will complement your home's existing aesthetic and make a seamless design statement. Preserve ties on our tie organizer. Velvet handmade valet drawers keep watches, keys, and wallets easy to find. Scarves are often difficult to store, but not with this scarf organizer. Add pull-out jewelry trays to keep all your jewelry organized. Our approach transforms the closet system’s, Laid out to look and feel like a boutique, Increases the storage capacity of the space, Look your best by quickly coordinating separates, Add accessories organizers for easy pairing, Maximize your closet without construction delays, permits, and mess. Slide out and fold or use as a temporary spot to sort your items. Under shelf lighting creates a boutique feel for closets, and helps create a mood for all shelf display areas. It is the reason we have become the authority in customized storage solutions. The 10 in. Bring out and enhance key design elements with decorative hardware. Pantry Storage Systems. Line trays or drawer bottoms with velvet to store jewelry, watches and other valuables. Every project we design is a one-of-a-kind space based on your exact needs, style, and budget. Select from seeded, reeded, sand blasted, bronze, and much more. Great for fast and easy touch up of items. Enhance the edges of your shelves, panels, and counter tops with solid wood edges. Find out how it works. Our Closet Factory closet systems are not your typical closet organizers. Select a Lucite or resin insert and add it to our exclusive framed doors and drawer fronts to create a unique look all your own. Please enter 5 digits. Maximize tie space by rolling them in a custom velvet insert. We offer a variety of profiles to match your personal taste. At your one-on-one consultation you will discuss your needs, style preferences, and budgetary requirements. Store linens, shawls and slacks. You will now receive emails from California Closets about promotions, local events, expert advice and inspiration. We offer an extensive selection of handles and knobs to complement the style of your design. Sign up or call us and speak to your local office for more detailsGet More Info. Made to order. Explore material solutions that make your job sizzle. Offered in all finishes. Place handbags, sweaters and other favorites behind clear, matt, bronze or black Lucite doors. X. Our thermofused melamine is pressed directly onto pinecore substrate. X. H raised-panel laminate drawer features roller glides and fits with the ClosetMaid Selectives 16 in. Store lingerie, socks, or small folded items in divided fabric trays. Top mount, oval, and round options available. Comes in all finishes. Choose from a wide range of options like leather, glass, acrylic, and more. Select from the colors beach or slate. Pantry Storage: Superior food organization with maximized space. We work within your schedule and on a timeline that is best for you. Our thermofused melamine is pressed directly onto pinecore substrate. During installation we treat your home as our own, and we’re always available for service for the lifetime of your system. We offer hundreds of ways to style your design while increasing the space’s storage capacity. My location  It's ideal for closets, pantries, offices, craft rooms and garages. At California Closets, we constantly pursue opportunities to provide our clients with environmentally sustainable options, and our products reflect this commitment. For folded items, our fabric pull-outs are a great alternative to drawers or shelves. 100% custom-designed to fit your needs and budget, Professional installation by our expert team, Best-in-class customer service and warranty. Garage Storage Systems: Organized Style and Functionality. Matte available. Please fill out this form and we will contact you Your daily routine begins and ends in the closet, so we believe it should be a place of peace, organization, and beauty. Click accept to continue browsing. Add a classic, stylish touch to your closet Add a classic, stylish touch to your closet or wardrobe space with this White Decorative Drawer from ClosetMaid. *Please note that product availability may vary by market. Turn drawers into jewelry boxes with our selection of jewelry inserts. Select accessories and all the elements that enhance the system’s style while staying within your budgetary requirements. Closet Organizer Showroom. High-quality closet solutions you can design, order, and install in the comfort of your own home. Display shoes using popular slanted shoe shelves with Lucite toe catch. Visit my location:  Update reach-in closet sliding doors with popular new styles. Our closet designers collaborate with you to make sure your wardrobe organizational system is customized to your exact needs, design style and budget. From traditional to modern, transitional, or contemporary, we can meet your design needs in a variety of finish options. Each California Closets system comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any substantial defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product as long as you own your home. In addition to our range of basic Classic, Lago, and Tesoro finishes, we offer a variety of specialty materials for door and drawer fronts—such as high gloss, supermatte, and deep texture—that can add texture and personality to your space to make a design statement. Dress up mudroom units or use as a spot to hang robes or jackets in your closet. Great for kick plates and other strategically-placed areas. Create cubbies anywhere you like with clip-on Lucite shelf dividers. Add luxury to door and drawer fronts with unique Swarovski crystal pulls. When it comes to the custom design of one of the most private spaces in your home, we work with you to transform your closet into an organized storage oasis. Mix and match styles and colors to create the perfect blend of your unique design preferences. Made to order. You will receive an email with a link to view the current issue of Art of Organization. Architectural elements can be added to enhance door fronts, columns, and valances. For a simple, affordable closet system, go for IKEA's ALGOT. Add matching drawer fronts to fabric pull-outs to change up the look. Nothing adds sparkle like faceted Swarovski crystals in a variety of styles. Change, Please fill out this form and we will contact you within 48 Space-saving trays are perfect for hard-to-store sunglasses, jewelry, rolled belts, and ties. You’ll discover a feeling of harmony that carries you through the day. You’ll discover a feeling of harmony that carries you through the day. Please enter a valid zip code/postal code. Select the option that best fits your comfort zone, and works within community restrictions currently in place. It is the reason we have become the authority in customized storage solutions. Custom Closet Organizers for Wardrobes. All at up to 40% less than local closet companies. Working with a closet designer allows you to select what you need to create a precise organizational flow. Ultra high gloss acrylic doors are engineered to be durable and have sustainable features. The many benefits gained with the addition of a custom closet system that includes rods, shelving, built-in drawers, and cabinets make your routine easier. Select from the colors beach or slate. Aluminum closet ladder reach triple tier hanging rods and storage on top shelves. Slanted shoe shelves with Elite toe stops. Gloss available. Let us help you find exactly what you are looking for! We can design a custom … They are highly reflective and will retain their glossy finish for the life of the cabinet. This pull-out is offered in slate or beach and is a stylish alternative to a standard drawer. Display and protect sunglasses in this handmade padded velvet lined drawer insert.