"How do I get rid of this agent of Satan?" Step 1 Cut several sticks of Juicy Fruit up into pieces about 1/2-inch square. Rodent poison will not only kill voles, but can kill pets, beneficial animals and even make children ill if they unintentionally handle or eat the poison laid out for voles. It doesn’t. Rodent poison can also be an effective way of killing voles. Step 1: First of all, cut many sticks of chewing gum into the pieces of … The whole idea behind the Juicy Fruit method of mole control is that the moles will eat the gum and that it will then “gum up” their insides, causing them to die of constipation or some other horrible digestive problem. Accordingly, how do you kill gophers with Juicy Fruit gum? Kill or scare moles away with Juicy Fruit Gum, essential oils, castor oil, glass shards, cigarettes, hot … Those who believe that moles do eat the gums have a hypothesis, which they think is correct and supports their ideology that the gums do kill the moles. Forget about Juicy-Fruit gum, gas bombs, poison peanuts, or any other solutions you've read about on the internet. With voles, one can get quite close to where they live and move. The one critter I get most complaints about is a mole digging up the yard. Although this method isn't scientifically proven, many gardeners and homeowners swear by it as an effective remedy. Killing moles using chewing gum. Killing Gophers with Juicy Fruit Gum. Here is the only thing that really works. Remember, gum was around long before any kind of vole bait. The fact that moles can eat gums is a hot debate amongst scholars. So to answer your question more directly I’m sorry to say no, gum won’t kill a vole. But, when using poison, be aware of the other animals in your yard. The hypothesis is that providing sweet gums to the moles will entice them to eat them, afterwards, the rodents will experience difficulties with digesting the gums… I guess there could be a flavor or two that could cause an allergic reaction and obviously if one was to choke on the piece it could lead to their demise but neither would occur with any … If you want to try an inexpensive method of getting rid of moles, you can use chewing gum as your tool.