… Dewey's functionalism … ... healing and functional effects. Functionalism cf to Structuralism What need is served by institutions What are the norms, goals, and means? (Jordy 1986) They are also the two earliest psychological theories that have sought to explain human behavior in different ways and to approach the study of psychology from different perspectives. The Architecture And The Problem of Representations The Architecture And The Problem of Representation • We have argued that in order to prevent Ryle’s infinite regress, we must propose a functional architecture … ... utilized with a sense of ‘realness’ in relation to functional program, materiality and structure. The Functional Architecture of Human Empathy ... chology, social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and clinical neuropsychology, this article proposes a model of empathy that Because we can't directly observe motives, modern economists often completely disregard them. The connection between functional architecture and content is therefore required in order to explain one of the most relevant questions of the program of naturalization of the mental and the explanation of … Structuralism appeared first and functionalism … Key Questions Power important for social cohesion Neutral Implication for Power Purpose of every social institution How society is organized; resources and schema Focus of Explanation Functionalism … Psychology 354 Week 11: The Functional Architecture What Is A Functional Architecture? Jan Golembiewski is affiliated with Medical Architecture, a firm specialising in architectural psychology. All innovation, ultimately, is led by the … In humans, two completely different motives may nevertheless lead to exactly the same behavior. In this paper, we compare and contrast the theories of Structuralism, which was structuralism developed out of early attempts to establish psychology as a separate discipline from philosophy and biology, and Functionalism… Th e balance of architecture and psychology within the . Structuralism and functionalism are two approaches to psychology. Dewey's work at the University of Chicago between 1894 and 1904—together with that of his colleague, Rowland Angell (1869-1949)—made that institution a world-renowned center of the functionalist movement in psychology. residential home.