We do this on the basis of different profiles, lengths and cable lengths. Read more about the ExpertSystem XL series of safety edges. The BBc Bircher Smart Access EsGate is a solution to process the signals from loops and switching frames. Click here to read Linkcare’s business terms and conditions including our returns policy and procedure. They have no rigid internal parts that can break through or cause fatigue failures after prolonged use. Chevron Up. BBC Bircher Smart Access EPE016/026A0T and EPE016/026J2T are two switch strips from the S-Line series. They have no rigid internal parts that can … Click here to find out more about our gate installer training courses. Our motivated employees are specialists with knowledge spanning a broad selection of industry sectors. Electrical safety edges are also called switch strips, rubber profiles or bumpers. The following link provides a convenient reference when using sensing edges as a monitored device with commercial door operators: UL325-2010 Commercial Operator Compatibility ASO KS2 connector end caps for 15mm safety profile, ASO New KS4 connector end caps for 15.25TT 15mm safety profile, ASO glue including activator and primer for up to 4 edges, ASO Indus Kit sliding gate safety edge transmission monitoring kit, Nice aluminium profile TCA65 for sensitive edge, Nice TCW wireless transmitter for sensitive edges, Nice Resistive Sensitive Edges TCK Kit For Safety Edges, Nice IBW bluebuss wireless Interface for sensitive edges, Nice IRW relay wireless Interface for sensitive edges, Nice Control Interface For Sensitive Edge TCE, Nice Scissors For Cutting Sensitive Edges, Linkcare Master Wireless Receiver For Vertigo Wireless Safety Edge, Nologo TRANCEIVER 868Mhz wireless transmitter and receiver kit for safety edges, Nologo TX wireless transmitter for safety edge, V2 TOUCH RL/RH kit for resistive safety edge rubber strip - DISCONTINUED, V2 TOUCH RLA02/RHA02 aluminium strip for resistive safety edge, V2 TOUCH RLA03/RHA03 aluminium strip for resistive safety edge, V2 TOUCH RLG25/RHG25 rubber strip for resistive edge - DISCONTINUED, Faac additional transmitter for dual channel radio edge, Faac CN60 single channel Cat 2 controller for fixed edges, Faac Dual channel radio edge system Cat 2, Faac Intra 6 Dual channel Cat 2 controller and transmission kit, Faac Intra 6 Dual Channel Cat 2 Controller Only, Faac Intra 6 Dual Channel Cat 3 Controller And Transmission Kit, Faac Intra 6 Dual Channel Cat 3 Controller Only, Faac Replacement Batteries For Dual Channel Cat 2 Radio Edge Transmitter, Beninca RF 868Mhz transmitter for wireless safety edge, Beninca SC.EN Electronic Interface Card For 8k2 Sensitive Edges, Erreka RADSECRX radio system 868Mhz two channel safety edge receiver, Erreka RADSECTX 868Mhz safety edge transmitter. Thanks to a short switching distance of 3 mm and a cleverly designed cross-section, the ExpertSystem XL safety profiles switch at a force of approximately 35 N. The long, smooth overflow provided by the edges minimizes the impact time of the force passed through the door or gate panel is being produced. You can call us or use our contact form. Stay up to date with news and promotions by signing up for our weekly newsletter. Electrical safety edges are also called switch strips, rubber profiles or bumpers. Feel free to contact us to discuss your application. In many cases use is made of switch frames. Read more about wireless transmission between the pneumatic switch frame and the control unit. Click here if you’re looking for a gate automation engineer or aluminium gate installer in your area. This can lead to lots of edges being used on a gate, increasing the systems cost. As soon as you click the switch frame parallel to the rail, the room height decreases millimeters, reducing the response time. View ES/EN sealing cap for safety edges in the webshop. Usually, 2 or more safety systems are used together to provide the safest possible gate … With the two new types, the position of the switch chamber and the patented Chamber Height Reduction Effect ensure easy insertion of the switch frame into the rail. Moreover, the PP-G3 plastic rail is equipped with an extra T-foot to place the safety edge in an existing C-groove. If you have an automated door or gate system you may need Safety Edges installed in order to comply with EU and UK legislation. EasyGates is a member of DHF, an orginisation focused on being a Center of Excellence for the industry providing technical expertise, information, knowledge, advice, and practical help.. One stop shopping for software and subscription services. Unique to these switch frames is the Chamber Height Reduction Effect. Click here to read more about Linkcare, one of the UK's largest and oldest gate automation suppliers.