GMX became too unreliable. Transferring your library in this manner preserver all your works turn off the update notification and be on your merry way. If the debug output contains a line that looks like: then the problem is probably a corrupted font cache. The newer AZW3 format has proper support for a metadata ToC. device that has a web browser using the calibre Content server. these are incorrect, for example, on Windows if you don’t use Internet Explorer can actually browse the source code yourself (or hire someone to do it for you) I encourage you to contact Amazon problem for some calibre users. This is likely deliberate on Amazon’s part to try to force authors to sell only Linux kernels mount devices read-only when their filesystems have errors. I went on and tried to login but the user name and password were not recognized. But do not start calibre from the installation wizard. choose to download it, Safari will ask you if you want to open it with iBooks. calibre has a Content server that exports the books in calibre as a web page. random. computer for the file metadata.db. saved and take precedence). reading software. By managing books in its own directory structure of Author -> Title -> Book files, calibre is able to achieve a high level of reliability and standardization. To do this go to Preferences → Advanced → Plugins → File Type plugins and customize the HTML2Zip plugin, telling it what encoding your HTML files are in. If the installer still doesn’t work, then something on your computer is preventing it from running. Alternately, simply keep your Kindle in airplane mode, you don’t really want check for crashes. end-of-file inline ToC. because of Qt, which is used for various image processing tasks, and links This is the folder you chose for your calibre library when you ran calibre for the first time. There are two ways that you can connect your Android device to calibre. DropBox or rsync instead of a networked drive. Note that when converting HTML files, leave the input encoding setting mentioned above blank. Finally, you plugin that can be used to connect to any USB device that shows up as a disk The most common problem is if you are sending email directly (without a mail relay) in calibre. I used GMX to send books through Calibre for years until one day I got the same error message you did. Install calibre on your new computer and run through the Welcome wizard, it There are far higher priority Look elsewhere for your book cataloguing needs. computer that is interfering with calibre. multiple authors, separate their names using the & character. And before you ask, no you cannot have the catalog “link directly to” books on your reader. change the mode to Media Transfer (MTP). edit metadata dialog. What can I do to connect to it? You can request further information from our data protection officer using the contact details provided above. Do not put your calibre library on a networked drive. Point it USB cable. address. Acronis True Image. Notez aussi que Amazon ne permet pas la délivrance par courriel des fichiers AZW3 et du nouveau style (KF8) MOBI. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus program (Microsoft Security Essentials, or Kaspersky or Norton or McAfee or whatever). When adding HTML files to calibre, you may need to tell calibre what encoding the files are in. web. Finally, I encourage you to ditch the content ToC and only have a metadata ToC in your e-books. calibre supports the conversion of many input formats to many output formats. Using this dialog you can change the name Device: Kobo Libra, iPadAir2, PRS600, iPhone 6, iPod, Palm TX. to sell your Kindle/Nook and get a Kobo. Why doesn’t calibre have a column for foo? When a book has Kindle firmware tends to malfunction if you disable the generation of the instructions. You can export all calibre data (books, settings and plugins) and This means that if file A.html links to B.html and or “MTP (Media Transfer mode)”. indexed by the Kindle. Explorer and then right click on the file:Temp folder, select Properties and go to online store that uses an EPUB validity checker, you have to make sure that the Content server via Preferences → Sharing → Sharing over the net. is not being ignored. For details, see The GNU GPL v3. See The calibre Content server for details. You can also tell calibre whether to put it and the start or the end of the book via an option in the MOBI Output settings. application on it. Given that calibre’s mission is to get you to stop storing metadata in filenames and stop using the filesystem to find things, the increased robustness afforded by the id numbers is well worth the uglier folder names. There is however, a calibre plugin that allows Change all author names to LN, FN using the Manage authors dialog. to all the other files in the desired order. 2.0 and newer use Qt 5 which is known to be incompatible with Windows XP The latest version can always be downloaded from the calibre calibre tries hard to ensure that EPUBs it produces actually It will run the Debug device detection with your device attached and post the output as a Downloading from the Internet can sometimes result in a corrupted download. USB cable. personal documents instead of Books on the Kindle Fire and Amazon whispersync find out what the library folder is by clicking the calibre icon in the If you create an AZW3 file with a metadata ToC and no If the file resides on a device, you may have reached the limit of a maximum of 256 files in the root of the device. Because of the large amount of spam in email, sending email can be tricky, as different mail servers use different strategies to block email. Do this after you have set the author_sort_copy_method tweak to what you want. GMX SMTP server name:; GMX SMTP username: your GMX email address; GMX SMTP password: your GMX password you are likely missing some X libraries. Consider using the calibre Content server to make your books available on other Note that you can set an individual author’s sort value to whatever you want using Manage authors. output a valid EPUB. Similarly, if the installer is failing/rolling and you have Microsoft PowerToys running, quit it. Simply un-install calibre and then install The Kobo has very buggy firmware. Once you send us the output for a particular operating system, support for the device in that operating system Most likely the permissions on your Temp folder are incorrect. Can I access my calibre books using the web browser in my Kindle or other reading device? Connect the Kobo directly to your computer, not via USB Hub, Try a different USB cable and a different USB port on your computer. toolbar. You can tell calibre to use a libraries, settings and calibre plugins. By default, when adding HTML files, calibre follows links in the files Google Drive, you will suffer data loss. Turn on the Content server by clicking the Connect/share button a USB connection. Finally, you can connect wirelessly to any calibre is designed to have columns for the most frequently and widely used server or a Remote Desktop solution. Check back The most important thing to backup is the calibre library folder, that contains all your books and metadata. You can control whether the Tag browser display authors using their names or their sort values by setting the categories_use_field_for_author_name tweak in Preferences → Advanced → Tweaks.