Either we are scared of being infected or we are scared that a loved one is infected. But I’ll be here, waiting for someone to notice me — just the dog on the rooftop. In line for the computer, I have been waiting for two hours. 1 Month The most important thing one can do during this time of uncertainty is to protect oneself, that is how one can protect others. My theatre company had been rehearsing our play for months and in an instant, we were no longer allowed to work on our show. I am naturally a driven, passionate learner with intense intellectual curiosity. This week, perhaps because of many districts’ move to remote online learning, we had nearly 90 new classes join us from around the world. I had been trapped in my house with my family for about 5 days at that point, when my AP Language and Composition class had a Zoom conference. Staying home, clean, and avoiding large groups is the safest and best way for us to help in efforts against the coronavirus. I can’t find a better way to describe it without being negative. We shouldn’t buy abundant amounts of resources unless instructed to. Assign students any topic to research and discuss as “experts.” Panel discussion works well if you want students to “teach” the class about different topics or explore inquiry-based questions. 3 Popular Panel Discussion Formats. More abstract discussion topics for a group are things that cannot be touched, not be easily defined or formulated. As it turned out, it wasn’t a lecture, it was a conversation. Variations: When high school English teacher Sarah Brown Wessling introduced this strategy in the featured video (click Pinwheel Discussion above), she used it as a device for talking about literature, where each group represented a different author, plus one provocateur group. The Nostradamus Code – the value of these predictions on judicial astrology. Poem by The Lady Running With Toilet Paper: TP TP Why do people have to hoard it It’s the coronavirus, not diarrhea Don’t’ jack up the prices, I can’t afford it One pack, that’s it It’s all I could find To those hoarding the toilet paper You make me lose my hope in mankind, As I rush down the vacant street I pass by some stores Some open, some closed As I scramble past the doors No one seems to be coughing But I can feel it in the air A dull creeping paranoia Assembling into a scare, Up the stairs I make sure to not touch anything Don’t forget to use your elbows Don’t touch the key ring In through the door, drop the TP, wash my hands Wipe down the counter, wipe down the door Make sure to cancel any plans, Sit in solitude Turn on the TV and watch the news All I’m able to think is, “Oh god we’re screwed!”. I’ve had more talks and laughs with my family the last few days than I’ve had in the past couple of months, which helped lighten such a stressful time in my opinion. We could help one another just by the simple ways of: texting your friends every now and then and keep them in check and give them positive reinforcements; call your far away family and report to them on how you are doing and make sure that they are doing OK as well; help elders that are not safe to go out by running errands for them. I am not saying we have to interact with everyone (DO NOT DO THAT), but I am saying we should be kind when we do interact. In our Picture Prompt, “Social Distancing,” we asked students to write memoirs and poems inspired by the illustration above, or tell a short story from the perspective of one of the people pictured. The schools and other utilities are closed down and remain still open grocery stores and services for essential products. Factual group discussion topics are – as the word says – about facts. Now, on to this week’s comments. Icebreaker Questions for Amazing Group Discussion. Iraq – What are the best exit strategies? The Texas UIL One-Act Play Contest was postponed because of the coronavirus, and while it is a reasonable action, it left an army of theatre students with nothing to do but vent through memes, TikTok, and other forms of social media. They’re still living their lives normally, just alone. High schoolers examine and discuss the letters and speeches of Abraham Lincoln to determine his position on slavery. Most people support embryonic stem cell research. The pros and cons of having a credit card. Then I had a club swim meet but everything got canceled. But I know that it will all pass in no time and we can go back to living our normal lives. When panel discussion planners select interesting, controversial or contentious topics to discuss, it provides the opportunity for a lively and engaging conversation. Every week, we shout out new schools who have commented on our writing prompts. Moderators should ensure that each panelist's presentation stays within an allotted time frame and that audience members have time to ask questions. Dropouts – Individual attention in safe schools and smaller classes; is that the way to stop students to drop out? Although we are going through a horrific time filled with all kinds of uncertainty, we are given the opportunity to spend more time with our loved family and learn more about ourselves to a broader extent while also strengthening our mental mindset. Hippocratic Oath – ethical medical professional behavior in modern times. Leadership – What necessary changes are needed in your community organization and how do you want to lead the process? Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Because my mom has a weak immune system, I’ve been quarantined since the moment my school closed, so social distancing has been a little more than 6 feet for me. https://www.myspeechclass.com/group-discussion-topics.html. I personally have to do 2-3 hours of work a day instead of the usual 8 hours (including homework), and it feels more tiring somehow. A panel could easily discuss the prevalence of drugs in high school, but a more lively panel discussion may involve a conversation about the use of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. Although I could list all the negatives that come with Covid-19, being a junior in high school, this quarantine has been a really nice calm break from a life that seemed to never stop. Friendly and energetic honor-roll student with significant landscaping experience. In our American society we tend to be very individualistic. I’m trying my hardest to stay positive but that has never been one of my strong suits. Everything that I was looking forward to just came to a halt and nothing is going to be postponed, just canceled. ; North Stanly High School; Oakland, Calif.; Papillion Middle School; Polaris Expeditionary Learning School; Pomona, Calif.; Portsmouth, N.H.; Pueblo, Colo.; Reading, Mass. It’s another day in the city. I’m stressed about possibly missing milestones in my life, like prom and graduation, but there are others suffering. It’s really important for everyone to stay in contact with others. The U.N. is mainly based on diplomacy and enhancing relationships. All I can do is homework woohoo Cant see my friends all I can do is call Trying to get it all done before its due With this virus I sadly can’t even go to the mall Thinking of you and you and you Can’t wait to go back to school and walk the fourth grade hall! Change it Up: Allow students to rotate in and out of the panel. Finally, even if we feel we’re healthy and we’re not afraid to get the Coronavirus, it is very vital to participate in social distancing because it will help society overall. A chain gang is a modern form of slavery. Panel discussion lesson plan 1. Breast Implants – saline and silicone types and safety. I didn’t even realize how isolated I was feeling until I was able to talk to them in a creative and intellectual setting once again. And I can#t do anything than staying at home and pray. I thought my window would cure my loneliness, but it has only made it worse. Life imprisonment is a good alternative to capital punishment. ; White Oak Middle School, Ohio; and Winter Park High School. The walls are closing in. The economic boycott causes most of the problems in Cuba. From within one’s home, much can be done. Teamwork-oriented and reliable. Kristin Arnold, professional panel moderator and high-stakes meeting facilitator, shares her best practices for interactive, interesting, and engaging panel presentations. Everyone is wrapped up in their circumstances. Each member could discuss the pro and con lists, and then strike the weaker reasons until you are left with three or four reasons that seem strongest in support or opposition.You may also see self introduction speech. The conversation was explosive. I had done them for other classes so I wasn’t exactly excited for the opportunity. LESSON PLAN FOR GRADE 7 ENGLISH (SECTION: ADELFA, CATTLEYA, GLADIOLA, CARNATION) I. Panelists may use visual aids, such as PowerPoint presentations, or other helpful tools to assist in presenting their ideas. Differing opinions flew left and right, people brought their cats to join in the fun, family members popped in and out of the frames, and the controlled chaos felt incredible.