When an interviewer asks how you plan to compensate for a lack of job experience, they want to see how you react to direct challenges. One of the best tools that I’ve found for convincing a hiring manager to hire you when you have a lack of experience, whether it’s in sales, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, healthcare, education, or any other kind of job, is a 30-60-90-Day Plan. Now the tables are turned. 5 Ways to Overcome Lack of Experience in a Job Interview. Apply skills and/or experience you have to the job for which you are applying. Whether you’re working for a non-profit organization, a community clinic, or the sleekest new practice in town, clinics and hospitals are businesses. Even if you aren’t, the topic does deserve to be addressed. But there are effective ways to handle the challenge. State a few reasons you are enthusiastic about or a good fit for the position, followed by a mentioning your inexperience in a positive light, then discuss the qualifications you do have. I’m a primary care adult-gerontology nurse practitioner student. This type of storytelling – relevant, impactful and quantified – just may put you ahead of other candidates, including those with more workforce experience! setTimeout('bf_log("' + bf_action_name+'",'+ bf_idsite+',"'+ bf_url +'")',0); Don’t forget that you are looking for a j-o-b. A lack of experience will usually come up in a job interview – but instead of making excuses, use this as an opportunity to make an exciting start, and to differentiate yourself. the latest advanced Come prepared with a few copies of your resume printed on quality paper. They operate under pressure to meet certain revenue goals to keep their doors open. Instead, you may choose to talk about your prior experience as a nurse. Using works like “top performer” and expressing a desire to be a “productive provider” indicate you have a little business savvy and will make your interview stand out. Of course: do not exaggerate your successes; be objective about yourself, keeping in mind you want the interviewer to consider you an eager, yet humble candidate. Or, discuss the responsibilities of the job at hand with your interviewer. Do Your Best to Answer All the Follow-up Questions. you aren’t, the topic does deserve to be addressed. Here are five things you can say in the interview that will help you. Follow Alan and Interview … Taking the leap from education to practice can be difficult for nurse practitioners. Landing a nurse practitioner position without NP experience isn’t easy. Here are a few tips for addressing your new grad status in a nurse practitioner job interview. bf_url = 'http://www.leadforce1.com/bf/bf.php'; I feel the interview went well. Stay up to date with Great topic! Posted on February 1, 2016 by Alan Carniol. Expressing a need for mentorship and continued learning along with a salary in an interview makes it seem like the employer isn’t getting anything out of the deal. If you’re on the hunt for your first nurse practitioner job, you may have run into some hurdles along the way. How can you convince that hiring manager to take a chance on you? I got my BSN degree and RN license from an accelerated BSN program and transitioned to the NP program without working as a registered nurse. When doing so, use the sandwich method. An employment relationship must be mutually beneficial. Gotcha! When you have little job experience, answering questions about your qualifications is challenging. You must have done something right to move to the next step in the process – keep it up!
. Tell the interviewer that your lack of experience is a strength. The Rabbit Hole Theory: A Different Kind of Career Advice, The Many Ways to Uncover Job Opportunities, Virtual Meeting Etiquette: What You Need to Know [Infographic], 5 Proven Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views. Highlight the two or three skills that make you a good match for this position. Congratulations on the interview! State a few reasons you are enthusiastic about or a good fit for the position, followed by a mentioning your inexperience in a positive light, then discuss the qualifications you do have. While this will be my first position working as a nurse practitioner I am highly motivated to become a top performer“. First, understand a lack of job experience doesn’t mean an applicant isn’t qualified for the job. job. I didn't have a good answer. Follow Alan and Interview Success Formula on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Related: How To Answer 5 Tricky Job Interview Questions Think of a few examples of situations where you performed at high levels academically or in previous nursing positions that you can reference in your interview. Your mind is currently set on student mode. Now that you’re armed with the right mindset, here’s what you must do before the interview process begins. You will likely be asked about your lack of experience in your next NP job interview. 8. Jot down a few questions you have for your interviewer ahead of time to reference during the interview. You must fully grasp all the core requirements and convey how your skills, and that all-important work ethic, would be a good match. 7 Bad Practice Habits Nurse Practitioners Should Kick, Where to Find Online Practice Questions for the NP Certification Exam. Instead, you may choose to talk about your prior experience as a nurse. You may have more than ten qualities listed at first, but narrow the list down to your top ten.