Our priority has and always will be ensuring our customers have a safe and successful move! Do not use duct tape or other household tapes to seal the container. What are the best packing materials for art? As well, fill in the rest of the crevices with more bubble wrap. I much appreciate any support your provide. Hold corners in and tape. If you need to make a box, then you can now measure the length, height and width of the final bubble wrapped painting to get the overall size you need for your cardboard sheets. Place paper-based art (drawings, photographs, prints, watercolors) face up on the glassine. If you don’t want the broken glass to damage your artwork, it is better to tape it. Avoid packing peanuts, which can settle into the bottom of the box and leave the top edges of the art exposed. % of people told us that this article helped them. © All Rights Are Reserved. Depending on the size of your shipping container, you may either wrap your foam board “sandwich” with additional layers of bubble wrap, or pad any space remaining in your box with bubbles. The cardboard provides an extra layer of solid protection for the glass. Fill voids in your shipping container with additional bubble wrap. Some of your possessions are easy to pack while others require specific planning and additional care. Yeah, he’s that good! Position your bubble-wrapped artwork between two pieces of foam board that are at least 1/2-inch thick for an added layer of protection. Your email address will not be published. This will keep it from shifting during transit. If you’re packing multiple paintings together, separate them with a thin amount of cardboard. Some have even received their work and wondered if it was ever opened by us. Additionally, you probably won't get it all done. You can also use foam or flies for that. Ship a sculpture that’s more than 12 inches tall or weighs more than 5 pounds in a custom wooden crate. How can I pack art without using plastics? Add some extra cushion on the bottom of the box to protect your art in the move. Each piece of art is unique and can require a special way to package and ship. packing artwork. So, in some cases, you may consider using a wood crate instead of rolled canvas, for example. Roll the excess bubble wrap on the top and bottom (to provide extra protection) and tape. Bubble Wrap – having a few different bubble wrap size varieties on hand is always good. Get your Ample Moving quote NOW! Build a customized crate, or take your artwork to a nearby The UPS Store® location for professional packing backed by the Pack & Ship Guarantee. If you already have a pre-measured box, then you can go ahead pack the artwork. How to mail art - General Post and Parcel Services, UK Art Movers, Couriers & Fine Art Transport Services, USA Art Movers, Couriers & Fine Art Transport services, Shipping artwork internationally - how to send art to overseas exhibitions and clients, How to mail art - Post and Parcel Services, 7 Art Shipping Nightmares and How Best to Avoid Them, How to ship a sculpture | The Abundant Artist, mail art - General Post and Parcel Services. For rolled artwork, make sure you wrap the painting with at least one layer of bubble wrap, sealed with tape, before placing it in the mailing tube. Ready to move? Do you own valuable paintings or expensive vases? He’s so good at what he does that artists have said that he prepped their artwork better than themselves. As the buyer or the seller, now it’s up to you to ship the artwork so it arrives in perfect condition. You are most welcome. The best way is to put a glassine paper between. The corners are especially susceptible to damage. If you plan on moving, you should know that there are some basic tricks to pack your artwork for shipping. However, art can also be difficult to move, especially if you’re going somewhere far away. Maxwell receives and ships hundreds of artworks to and from artists and clients every year. So just say no to packaging peanuts and yes to bubble wrap! Required fields are marked *. These objects are fragile and thus tricky to pack and relocate. Packing services NJ is a good way to start. It must be much stronger and larger, so artwork inside is safe.