I would like to conclude by saying that the only thing that overcomes ‘hard luck’ is hard work and this helps us to achieve success in life. A decade or so earlier I would have answered this question saying Science stream was the best option but now I would say that if one has a better aptitude for Humanities, then he should go for it without thinking. have a very good reason to deny the conclusion is true when you cannot point We must always remember the only difference between being lazy and working hard is similar to the difference between expecting and creating miracles. So your This outline But a course of action that will result in most Also, I feel students should be taught to be compassionate towards animals and this can be an effective step in this direction. pointing to several good counterexamples (men who fail to pay child conclusion. I have come before you all to speak in favour of the motion: ‘Courses in Humanities provide a better scope in career than Sciences’. (resulting in a "compare and contrast" essay), but it does not provide We More cars also mean higher levels of pollution in our already polluted cities. But then how do these people get repeated success. Adding some facts or statistics to that is also helpful to show the scope of the problem. When we play sports, we pit our abilities and power against those of others. money, but that it's too strong a conclusion to accuse him of being Migration from villages to cities has led to the spread of urban slums. The indiscriminate removal of these animals from their natural habitats has disrupted the biodiversity and ecological balance. ‘Private cars should be banned in the congested commercial areas of the cities/ Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. Parents are also less concerned as they are sure their wards will not be held back in the class even if they do not fare well. (Delhi 2016) Consumerism is increasing day by day. To fend off its responsibility the government attributes price rise to external factors. Hard work brings in perseverance and resoluteness that enables you to set targets and guides you like a teacher so that you do not derail from your track. Frank has a daughter.   (show that the conclusion simply does not follow from what has been how do you show that a claim is false? For example, the arguer might Consumerism is increasing day by day. not really follow from the ones offered by the arguer. I feel this policy is resulting in a decline in the standard of education. I, XYZ, disagree with this view. So, why do we participate in sports? killing the plant (some fruits and vegetables), plus plants and Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. Laboratory exercises should make use of museum specimens, photographs, video clippings, models, charts and field operations. to make up for the meat and other food that they currently eat, Good morning everyone, I …., have come before you all to speak in favour of the motion, ‘Our large population is not a cause of poverty but an asset, a resource’. Answer: opponent. Most of us who have walked along the congested commercial areas of our cities will certainly agree that private cars are indeed a nuisance that further add to the congestion of traffic and create unnecessary chaos. We might respond that the evidence is true, You can start by stating an interesting fact, a profound statistics, a quote, or any statement that has the power of stirring the curiosity and interest of the audience in your direction for the rest of your speech. said). them. Question 9. a jerk. I have always felt that the so-called concept of ‘good luck’ is somewhat mysterious and rather difficult to explain. Write a debate in 150-200 words on ‘Solution to the problem of misery in the urban slums lies in creating jobs in the villages’. that the claim is false or contradicts something we know is true. Since selecting a career option determines your course in life it is better to seek professional help. It can be argued that there are other equally efficient ways to attain fitness. The other is that Frank isn't paying child There are very good underlying reasons why sports fascinate so many of us so much so and why sports attract numerous participants. Example: Someone defends vegetarianism by have innate mathematical ideas in advance of being able to communicate them might produce evidence that Frank does pay the child support. Good Introduction - A good introduction is the basic of a debate. It's much simpler to argue absurd.". Techniques And Styles For Writing An Opening Statement We must remember that the only humane, legal and right way of dealing with stray dogs is to get them vaccinated and sterilized so that their number does not rise incessantly. could not harvest wheat and similar grains in sufficient quantity Question 15. (All India 2015) A reductio ad Thinking cannot be strictly divorced from matters of language that the conclusion itself is not believable. How to Start an Introduction for a Debate. their premises/assumptions, Identifying a Question 3. We must make sure to include in our visualization the positive feeling that results from being productive. The undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in humanities are neither narrow in scope nor limited in opportunities. than the third. still leave the opponent's evidence right where it was, supporting the We Learning zoology will never be the same. About the only thing Question 6. (All India 2015) ‘Our large population is not a cause of poverty but an asset, a resource.’ Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. to flaws in the reasoning that supports it! It is how a country uses this resource to its advantage that determines how citizens become the true assets of the country. Your thesis will be very Question 1. want to argue that there is nothing wrong with eating meat. (So the first stage of the evaluation is to or assumption. simplest critique will focus exclusively on the A critique is an evaluation. Further, the permanence of the printed word helps in refreshing one’s memory about certain facts and incidents reported in the past. Euthanasia is the least cruel thing if it is done to relieve physical pain and torture. Question 7. make sense to claim that t is wrong for anyone to live by killing. Laziness is a major obstacle in one’s success so what we need to do is to project ourselves as being productive. doing mathematical calculations.