Apple has set the cast for Pachinko, its epic international drama series based on Min Jin Lee’s bestselling novel, from studio Media Res. All you need to know about Pachinko's cast. Based on the best-selling novel of the … Bank gives Purple Line firms get more time to reach a settlement with Maryland and avoid potential default on debt. Apple’s international drama series Pachinko kicked off production on October 26 on multiple continents. Pachinko, which will have an almost all-Asian cast as well, is tonally different from Crazy Rich Asians and is the more critically acclaimed of the two books. Apple has set the cast and directors for its multilingual international drama Pachinko, based on the novel by Min Jin Lee.. The big-budget series … Apple's Pachinko series. Apple announces the cast for its 'Pachinko' series Variety 10/23/2020. Apple TV’s big budget, epic series Pachinko begins production on multiple continents on October 26 and has announced it’s internationally renowned cast. A few days ago, Lee Min-ho created a huge buzz as it was revealed that he has officially signed his next project i.e. “Pachinko,” an international drama series based on the novel written by Min Jin Lee that’s coming to Apple TV+, has finalized the cast, with production kicking off at the end of October. The cast for Apple TV+ exclusive "Pachinko" has reportedly been finalized, with the sweeping international drama set to begin production at the end of October. Apple has officially announced the cast for its “Pachinko” series, with Korean superstar Lee Min Ho among those starring in the series.