6. 14 in C ♯ minor (1826) Opus 132: String Quartet No. 11 through 14 are each dedicated to one of the members of the Beethoven String Quartet. Something other than politics in Washington, D.C. I have every other set listed here except that one. 135, played as an encore at their Washington debut. A re-issue from Melodiya would be very much appreciated. 135) Previously: Freer Gallery of Art in 2005, Kreeger Museum in 2008, recordings of Carter quartets A meandering review of this set can be found, I know little to none about this cycle, except that it was initially well received in the States, with Time Magazine selecting it as the Best of 1991 in the chamber music category. 3, Detroit SO, L. Slatkin, L. van Beethoven, Sonatas, op. It might have been meant to become the successor to the Fitzwilliam cycle but never quite got the necessary traction. I am looking to purchase a copy of the Taneyev Quartet set listed above. The Borodin was not the quartet that premiered (most of) the Shostakovich Quartets - the Beethoven [2-14], Glazunov [1] and Taneyev [15] Quartets did, but they were the first to finish a recording of the cycle. Something other than politics in Washington, D.C. Read my review published today on the Washington Post Web site: Filed under The Emerson's cycle mad a big splash when it came out, winning a GRAMMY each for Best Classical and best Chamber Performance. Bach, Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, G. von der Goltz, Pärt, Music for Violin, V. Mullova, Estonian National SO, P. Järvi, Beethoven, Symphony No. ‘The book, which considers Beethoven's string quartets of the middle period through numerous lenses, not only fills a previously existing gap in research, but also breaks new ground in terms of presentation and methods: questions of aesthetics, performance practice and analysis are all covered, as well as the reception history and narrative poetics of the string quartets. By all accounts, they did a great job - and for at least two decades this was the go-to cycle in the UK and beyond, where and when the second Borodin Cycle's incarnations weren't consistently available. 12-16 in the final three years of his life – leading to them being conveniently referred to in concert and on recordings as the Early, Middle and Late Quartets. 74, “Harp”) Quartet in F Major (op. 110-111 / Bagatelles, Y. Sudbin, B. Zimmermann, Violin Concerto, L. Josefowicz, Finnish RSO, H. Lintu, Mahler, Symphony No. Gritty and involving; occasionally on the slow side. Details are in sharp relief; harsh is very harsh; lyrical is very lyrical. A classic, despite missing quartets 14 and 15, not the least for featuring the original lineup of the Borodin Quartet. To quote from the recommendation in, The Pacifica Quartet is the third cycle that gets a recommendation in. Advertisement. Never boxed, this cycle is available only individually. Welcome to Talk Classical - A community covering every aspect of classical music! 12 in E ♭ major (1825) Opus 130: String Quartet No. Not only I was "Surprised by Beauty" but completely emerged in it.Was lucky to find and listen to LP version of my most loved QT's 1 st, 2nd, 4th and 6th. Shostakovich: The 15 String Quartets Following that was the first of two complete sets by the Borodin String Quartet. This is Shostakovich with that filter to the max. Quatuor Debussy had also recorded all 15 of them on ARION, from 1998 to 2004. A review from Tony Haywood on MusicWeb can be found. The Taneyev (or Taneiev) Quartet, after the Beethoven and Borodin Quartets, is the third of a triumvirate of quartets that were in close touch with the composer and whose readings might be called 'authentic'. The cast - post-Berlinsky and Abramenkov - is now entirely new from what it was on any of the previous cycles, but the name lives on and, presumably, the tradition.