Check out this list of 50 easy violin songs! Violinists get ready because it’s wedding season! Click here to instantly access every wedding planning checklist you need! Looking for even more songs to play? Perhaps I might, as a working wedding violinist (and pianist), share with you some popular choices for the violin from my long client list? Sometimes such a music fail is inevitable, but be prepared as best you can. Why We Love It: "A string ensemble performance of Feist's indie pop song", Why We Love It: "A deeply touching instrumental arrangement lends an organic feel to any ceremony. Wedding Planning. Grab our free pandemic wedding planning e-book, Thanks for submitting. A gentle acoustic composition of Berlin's iconic Top Gun soundtrack song", Why We Love It: "We'll be honest, this one took us by surprise. This string quartet delivers a slightly more refined variation that packs just as much of a punch", Why We Love It: "A soulful acoustic adaptation of Dusty Springfield's jazz hit", Why We Love It: "A catchy and rhythmic instrumental cover of Ingrid Michaelson's indie declaration of love, on acoustic guitar", Why We Love It: "A sweet acoustic interpretation of Ed Sheeran's affectionate pop ballad", Why We Love It: "Calvin Harris's hit dance song performed by this piano and cello duo may have us feverishly dancing harder than the original", Why We Love It: "A soft acoustic rendition of Cindy Lauper's forever classic hit. Sorry, there was an error. ? That said, I don’t want you to have to spend long searching (unless you really want to). How Do I Tell My Dad That I Don't Want Him to Give Me Away? If you don’t have demo tracks, you can use YouTube clips to make sure you’re clear on the style of the music the client wants. All together now: 'And III, will always love youuu'", Why We Love It: "An orchestral rendition of Jason Mraz's pop love song", Why We Love It: "An inspirational string arrangement of Peter Gabriel's rock classic", Why We Love It: "A whimsical interpretation of The Doors's instantly recognizable track, on woodwind instruments", Why We Love It: "A walz-like string variation of Meghan Trainor's lyrical love proclamation makes for a unique dance number", Why We Love It: "Mysterious and bold, this string performance of Led Zeppelin's timeless metal masterpiece will be sure to inject some drama into any event", Why We Love It: "A soft and emotional composition of Ellie Goulding's electropop hit, by a string ensemble", Why We Love It: "You may remember this particular score from the soundtrack of The Holiday. We couldn't help but sing the words in our head as we swayed to the melody", Why We Love It: "A tender and romantic instrumental variation of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross's famous duet on Spanish acoustic guitars", Why We Love It: "A playfully rhythmic cover of Michael Buble's catchy love song, on string instruments", Why We Love It: "Spanish acoustic guitars perform a gentle rendition of Bryan Adams's timeless love ballad of selflessness and devotion", Why We Love It: "An uplifting string composition of Colbie Caillat's bright folk-pop song", Why We Love It: "A warm and emotional instrumental version of Edwina Hayes's folk song from My Sister's Keeper, on acoustic guitar", Why We Love It: "A moving cello duet of Sting's stirring rock song", Why We Love It: "A dynamic and tantalizing violin and synth compilation that's bound to inject some energy into any event", Why We Love It: "Get ready to passionately belt out your own vocals to this sweet acoustic variation of Shania's country hit", Why We Love It: "An exhilarating string interpretation of Daft Punk's house music song", Why We Love It: "A heartwarming piano solo impeccably timed to a processional walk down the aisle", Why We Love It: "A cheery acoustic adaptation of Blake Shelton's country love song". Once you’ve ironed out some of the details, it is always a good idea to prepare a contract that you can present to the couple. Minus the insanity, plus the marriage. If you’re looking to build a great repertoire list, here are 10 of the best violin songs to play. Don't believe us, just watch. If you’ve been asked to play solo or in a larger mixed-instrument ensemble, you might be feeling a bit stressed. These affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, and their affiliated sites as well other digital retailers. the best day of your life", Why We Love It: "A Gaga power ballad with a symphonic twist? Best Violin Songs and Tips for Wedding Performances. It’s very helpful to have demo tracks of your violin playing to give to prospective clients. We're listening (literally). ", Why We Love It: "This cello duet of Coldplay's rock hymn is packed with so much depth and emotion", Why We Love It: "This energetic and exhilarating cello cover of Rihanna's electro-house dance hit will have everyone on the dance floor", Why We Love It: "Billy Idol's iconic wedding rock song is translated into a powerful piano solo", Why We Love It: "A tender, emotionally stirring composition of U2's classic rock love ballad", Why We Love It: "An acoustic rendition of the Oasis's willfully romantic rock song", Why We Love It: "An elegant all-string interpretation of Lifehouse's soft rock love anthem". This string cover of Katy Perry's pop anthem is refreshingly bright and tender", Why We Love It: "A sweet and upbeat string composition of Taylor Swift's country song for (what else?) This tender acoustic guitar cover is the perfect addition to an emotionally charged day. Make sure you ask about the dress code, as every wedding is different. High-Quality and Interactive, Transpose it in any key, change the tempo, easy play & … We match you with expert teachers in over 300 subjects so that you can learn something new through 100% The way you and your ensemble dress is very important. How Do I Celebrate My Friends Who Had To Cancel Their 2020 Wedding? All of these, and the other songs you'll hear, are well worth considering for your walk down the aisle or your wedding reception playlist.