Best kombucha tea ever. Looking forward to many delicious brews! But i went for it anyway with a batch of Jun. Oh. I ordered a jun scoby and so far I have made 3 batches of him! They will reproduce if you let a batch just sit for a very long time. Now I don't have any other Jun scobys to compare mine to, but needless to say it is super quality and PERFORMS in my beginner's hands, cold kitchen, and got shipped super fast. Jun is doing just fine! It is potent. Thank you for a quality product that allowed me success right out of the gate! Thanks so much! ** SCOBY SIZE AND SHAPE VARY** Making absolutely ZERO difference in our guaranteed quick Jun growth success. This is such an amazing, high quality scoby! Designed by Flair. Reviewed by Nathalie Turgeon (Quebec, Canada). The culture as always came fast and very well wrapped up with no chance of leakage through mail. Generally made with green tea and honey, you can’t ask for a … I am planning on starting my Jun hotel after this batch. Also, this is much easier for me to sustain over the long term, as raw honey is very expensive, and I happen to live in Vermont where there are gallons of available maple syrup! . Which was shipped internationally , it arrived on time which was great . Not sure I'll continue with it because the honey is so expensive, but a nice flavor, love the bubbles, and like that I don't have to do special heating like for my kombucha (which I also brew with green tea). Reviewed by Michelle Shepard-Gates (Silver Creek, NY. Hi , I would like to give 5 stars for the jun culture! It is fizzier than Kombucha which we love. The natural essence remaining from the honey is so delicate and nice that it does not seem right to cover it up or dilute it in any way. I feel Kombucha Kamp is a company that foremost have the experience and knowledge to help anyone in the aspects of the Kombucha world . Reviewed by Kathleen Konce (Palm Beach Gardens, Fl). Viennese Kombucha Starter Culture with SCOBY (Darjeeling Tea), Authentic Jun Starter Culture with SCOBY (Green Tea). I was lucky enough to talk to Hannah personally to order my Jun scoby and Green Goddess Tea Blend. I would really like to give you a 4 out of 5 due only to having 3" tea balls manufactured in China. I like the lighter taste and the fizziness of Jun. When you receive it, it looks so healthy, white, and it's in enough starter liquid. My first ferment went well, shipping fast. Thick, inflated bags cradle the beautiful scoby during transport. Thank you for making these healthy cultures available to the public. Way to go kombucha kamp, and I always tell people to order from you and only you. For our family, it has been a wonderful and yummy addition. My first brew gave me 2 scoby's! I am thrilled to have a probiotic drink that doesn't use cane sugar or dairy, so there really is no downside, to me. I recently purchased a JUN SCOBY and am still brewing, but the SCOBY is beautiful. Absolute love the taste and fizz of the ginger, strawberry and mint KT. Very similar to Kombucha, with the difference being that Kombucha is a Acetic Acid ferment by the Gluconobacter species of bacteria. My culture is doing beautifully and cannot wait till it is ready to drink! thank you and kind regards, Oh my goodness Hannah, but you have just introduced me to my new best friend! After awhile I began "teaching" them to brew using maple syrup instead of honey, and so far it's working. Jun tea has a delicate flavor and ferments at a quicker pace than kombucha. The included thermometer strip(s) offer convenience and accuracy and will stay attached once applied, even through the dishwasher. Fast shipping and the Jun scoby has been excellent. | Website Created by. I am extremely happy with the Jun Scoby from KK. I'm very happy to say that it appears very healthy and happy in its new surroundings. The drink itself is wonderful. (Your browser will be redirected back to this page). Adhesive Temperature Strip Thermometer Very very very happy My family is enjoying the mild, smooth flavor and prefers it to the robust flavor of Kombucha. Simply add the SCOBY and starter liquid to raw honey-sweetened organic green tea and let the magic begin! Arrived fast! One Cup Authentic Jun Starter Culture Green Tea without scoby, One Cup Vintage Kombucha Tea Starter Culture Black Tea without scoby. I am on my third batch and have started flavoring. I love kombucha but thought I would try Jun as our house temp is on the cooler side. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. It's very healthy looking. I completed the set up by 5/5 and already today, 5/9, I have a thin new baby and the Jun tastes incredible! Call us on 919-518-3336 cell / text, Kombucha Mead Complete 5L Glass Brew Kit w Spigot, Jun Complete Starter Kit with 2 Gallon Glass Dispenser, Complete 1 Gal Glass Kombucha Starter kit, Kombucha Mushroom Extract Pure Golden Drops, Complete Kombucha Starter Kit with 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Dispenser, Heating Pads Choosing the right size Heating Pad for my Fermenter, Optional Extras that make fermenting easier and safer. :). I received my Jun SCOBY's promptly and in excellent condition. Yum!!! Thanks so much! I'm off to a good start, have new SCOBY growth and about to increase volume again on the Jun culture, so off to a successful start. All Rights Reserved. I am a novice Jun Tea brewer, but the scoby arrived in fantastic shape, despite low winter temperatures in Alaska. Although he loves both the KT and the Jun, he did not like to see the dark ooglies in the KT jar. Thank you. Any size scoby can ferment any amount of sweet tea. What a beautiful SCOBY you sent me. . Ordered the Jun culture to change things up a bit! Fast shipping , Awesome Culture, I had no problems with it and it is very active! I give the Jun culture 5 stars. It is smoother and not as pungent. 2nd brew was 1 SCOBY to 1 1/2 gallons & 3rd brew was 1 SCOBY to 2 gallons of liquid. Prompt service. I also ordered the green goddess tea mix, loving the taste and the results. Thank you. At 3 weeks when done brewing, the new scoby was an inch thick!! Great product I’m on my 4th brew and love it  These guys know their stuff!?! I opened my first, lightly carbonated bottle of jun today... oh I am so in heaven! Two years ago my son introduced me to kombucha and vegetarianism and I've never felt so good! I received my jun scoby and I must say it is the best value by far. I have my first batch of Jun brewing and can’t wait to try the end product. My scoby arrived quickly and I have already made two batches. Fantastic repurchase :D. Thank you again for following up with me to get a fresh Jun culture when mine molded. Use the entire contents of the bag to make the first brew. Everything came in perfect order and quickly! We became beekeepers a couple of years ago and this is such a good way to use the honey. Honey is natural and healthy, Green Tea is healthy and the lactic acid produced by lactobacilli and the bacteria colonize the GI tract, helping to restoring health. I recently purchased a Jun Culture from Kombucha Kamp . Thumbs up! The whole batch will turn to vinegar, but I just use it as a starter for subsequent batches and then I have my new scobys also. The excellent quality of the Jun scoby from Kombucha Mama worked like a charm.