... expendable item of the lot: flies. Define expendable supplies and materiel. Nonexpendable definition is - not expendable: such as. Anyone who involves in logistics operations can use this template as it is easy to make simple corrections and updates. More, Plastic Cups, Yellow [1] Non-Expendable Personal Property. (3) Non-expendable personal property, for purposes of this contract, is defined as personal property that is complete in itself, does not lose its identity or become a component part of another article when put into use; is durable, with an expected service life of two years or more; and that has a … c. Nonexpendable Property. expendable supplies and materiel synonyms, expendable supplies and materiel pronunciation, expendable supplies and materiel translation, English dictionary definition of expendable supplies and materiel. Supplies not consumed in use that retain their original identity during the period of use, such as weapons, machines, tools, and equipment. 7.10 Non-Accountable Forms 7.11 Office Supplies excluding all expendable and semi-expendable Information Technology suppiies, accessories andperipherals 7.12 Spare Parts 7.13 Textbooks and Instructional Materials 7.14 Welfare Goods 7.15 ICT Office Supplies, particularly expendable and semi-expendable ICT supplies, accessories andperipherais Par exemple, 304 actifs capitalisés appartenant à la Section des communications et des services informatiques et représentant une valeur de 1230000 dollars, étaient introuvables. How to use nonexpendable in a sentence. 1. The loss of this stuff hurts the military big time, these are things you can't just up and instantly replace. following are types and classes of expendable property. See more. Examples include curing lights, office printers, autoclaves, instruments Capital items include practice equipment and furniture used in dental offices. Catalog. 11. These are items ordinarily not consumed in use. ... items are so indicated in the appropriate identification lists of the Federal Supply. 1. expendable launch vehicle stands ready to launch the Swift spacecraft. These mats are made of expendable green resources like non-toxic rubber foam or cork. Expendable definition, capable of being expended. 2. 6 "You are expendable," past-Death replied. Expendable Property. These are items such as silver alloy, cements, anesthetic agents, and dental waxes that are consumed in use. 1. For instance, 304 non-expendable items belonging to the Communications and Information Technology Section valued at $1.23 million could not be located. Non-expendable supplies and equipment are reused for multiple patients and used until they wear out and need to be replaced. Repair items are also. 1. Attached is a sample supply inventory spreadsheet template, which you can use for your business logistics operations. This simple template comes in a simple layout to give a formal and professional look for the inventory. Expendable property † 7–6, page 24 Accounting for expendable property † 7–7, page 25 Chapter 8 Deviations From and Waivers to Property Accounting Policy and Procedures, page 26 General requirements † 8–1, page 26 Deviations † 8–2, page 26 Waivers † … Expendable sentence examples. A separate form is required for each category reported, (e.g., "Excess or Surplus," "Lost or Stolen"). 6.