Check the toaster, toaster oven. All rights reserved. baggies do nothing to keep them out…only glass or super thick plastic containers help….but who can afford all this??? Throw away everything that looks like it needs to be gone. All dry goods will remain in the fridge for the time being. What is the difference between larvae and maggots? I noticed a moth appearing, maybe once a week a couple of months ago, and thought yeah, they’re in my birdseed in the garage. Matt, Then checked the tents, & wow there were a lot in them, as many as 15 or more & that really excited me. Hi Caroline, One thing I notice that the holes use to put a peg for the shelf was use as a cocoon. Hi Jennifer, They come out as adults when the weather picks back up in the spring. Here is something else that might help with getting rid of these bugs…they do NOT like cold, and they tend to get into our houses during the summer. about once a month I find one fly out when I open the cabinets. It’s only a minor nuisance, and if you use common sense, as my husband DID NOT, you won’t ever have moths. Been here over 30 years, and now have joined you other nice folks. I kill it and that seems to be that. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. But they kept coming, though a little less now. Lol! I noticed these pesky little moths a couple days ago…just a couple. I told my husband that he had to see this! HELP!!!!!!!! During my clean out, I came across a bag of foreign gourmet rice that someone gave me….it was FULL of moths and stringy streams of webbing, yuck! I found these moths (adults only) in a bin of flour a few months ago. Threw away popcorn and threw everything. Came back Saturday (had heat turned down). I discarded the seed and filled the ziplock bag with water. I will place these traps in the grain free rooms in mu home. Okay…that’s done…what else? I too am interested in the tiny wasps and wonder if anyone else has tried them with any success? I googled ‘moths in food’ and found ‘pantry moths’ which I had never heard of in my 67 years. At first I thought it would be doable but now I am beginning to wonder if I will be battling this plague for the rest of my life. It’s only been 4 days since the last sighting. no more infestations. And the worms look just like the ones I found. Now they seem to be throughout the house. Well nothing but moths. Almost hypervenalates. Soda soda bottles or cans? Just kidding, I saw one in a bowl of Cheerio’s that I was about to eat a few weeks ago. Dogs already eat a variety of bugs, rodents, and other pests naturally, and meal moths are no exception. Worse thing was when I was watching something on my tablet as I started eating a graham cracker. IT WOULD NOT BE FARE TO GIVE YOUR STUFF AWAY OR SELL IT BECAUSE YOU WOULD JUST PASS THE PROBLEM TO SOMEONE ELSE. I call Orkin last summer and got a contract with them but now the larvae are back. I don’t want to come home to another infestation. The easy part is to introduce fruit flies into the equation. I know better but had a bag of birdseed in there that I had forgotten about. I didn’t even know of their existence before this. After spending the majority of my day cleaning out a large pantry cabinet that I keep seeing moths and larvae in, i read this article and comments. I am seeing them mostly outside the kitchen which is strange since I thought they needed food. So will pantry moths or their larvae… Use saran wrap or cling film to make it nearly airtight. I don’t like that I will have to be diligent for almost a year, but it will be worth it. I appreciate all the good ideas, some of which I have already been doing. Sometimes I see them on my floors, but only one or two and only occasionally. So I laid the traps and in a few weeks, the traps were all full, even the one in my bedroom. This is equal parts helpful and discouraging. And the oldest one is 23. Not only are these little crappy critters in the foods, they are in the cardboard boxes! They had been living off of the fabric of the case n they actually ATE through the silver layer of some of my cds! I HAVE BEEN USING THEM INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. I didn’t know anything like this existed, then I realised i was forever killing moths. In fact once I use a good qualify barrier spray I have never ever had any more problems with any type of pest. Mississippi Woman Wins ‘New Year, New Tools’ Sweepstakes, Beautiful, Affordable Storage Solutions for Every Room, 3 Hidden Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home, The Best Methods for Cutting and Gluing PVC Pipe,,,,, Homefront Radio Show for November 20, 2010, Expanding the Patio for an Outdoor Kitchen. what time of year should the Trichogramma wasps be released to get rid of pantry moths? I KNOW the infestation will get worse but where is the source?! Look for extended wings that are white to beige near the head and rusty bronze near the rear. Where the heck did they come from !!! Help! This means doing a thorough inspection of your home and then fixing it up.