If a man should be injured in the street, if a punishment should be demanded of the person who attacked him, it would be passing strange if the injured man should for love's sake bear the penalty, that the other might go free; but 'twas even so with Christ. 5. So in the sacrifice of Christ we have the exact pitch of all God's dealings with us. The Apostle states: ‘But God commendeth his love Our happiness depends on knowing and realising this Love. It was much love when Christ stripped Himself of the glories of His Godhead to become an infant in the manger of Bethlehem; when He lived a holy and a suffering life for us; when He gave us a perfect example by His spotless life; but the commendation of love lieth here — that Christ died for us. ITS EFFECTS.1. A certain system of theology has this latter error at its base: it portrays the Father as Wrath, the Son as Mercy; and the Son as striving to appease the anger of the enraged and implacable Parent. By the time the hymn was sung and the prayer over I suppose she began to feel somewhat solemnised. )The Cross a revelationG. H. Hatchings, M. If I contemplate the succession of seasons, and observe how the sunbeam and the shower unite in the production of sustenance, I recognise love in the workings of God's providence. Listen to his encounter with the crucified Christ. Our happiness depends on knowing and realising this Love. If God were to create beings without a supply for their natural wants, it would be such an exhibition of folly as would cast a reflection upon His own character and glory. )Love commendedW. Hence when the death of Christ is mentioned great stress is laid on the dignity of His character, as that which gives worth and efficacy to His sufferings (Hebrews 1:3; 1 Peter 1:19; 1 John 1:7).II. All the world is going, and we are going too," and off they went. He was in imminent danger of perishing by the hand of an assassin, who had gained access to him under the guise of an ambassador. But with the world as we know it — who is there who has not at some time felt the need of a foundation for his tottering faith. The question is — "how is the First Person of the Blessed Trinity described in reference to man's salvation? of the world on the cross of Calvary. Angels needed no such witness. Transcendently.3. The grand corrective to this is the sacrifice of Christ. Jesus fully deserves the Father’s love because He is altogether He is striving to effect this grand work of deliverance now. 10. A defect in recognising love is a little evil compared with the sin of substituting anger in its stead. Did they really kill Him in such a dreadful manner? Love is heightened by the thought that it was poured upon us when we were unconscious, and entirely dependent upon its unrequited lavishness. only that God is love. "(1) In our room and stead. or accuse the church or pastor of, is that ‘There is no love Oh! (Webster and Wilkinson. Creation sufficed when the first estate was preserved. Probably; but by so doing He would have rendered it impossible for man to rise to that special destiny of glory which is to be his. 2A. ", (1 TIM 1:15) "THIS IS A FAITHFUL SAYING, The discoveries of science have brought to view the overwhelming vastness of the material creation; and in presence of it all we are apt to be overpowered by a feeling of our insignificance. A How is He portrayed by our Lord?" Outlines  Who We look in at the soul of the Redeemer — we are admitted as spectators of the solemn and tremendous workings of His spirit.4. But instead of commending His anger He commends His love through Christ, who saves from wrath and reconciles to God. A SUBSCRIBER SAYS: “I look forward each week to reviewing the work that you have done prepping the text of the week. Thus the sublimest note emanates from the Cross. Ardently.2. 12. (4) That we were sinners who for a long time heard this good news, and yet despised it.2. But more, it displayed the solemn fact that God was willing to make great sacrifice to win men from sin. I mean that God God commended His love, indeed, in Christ's incarnation, life, teaching, deeds, example. When you sin you do not sin so cheap as others: when you sin against the convictions of your consciences, against the warnings of your friends, against the enlightenment of the times, and against the solemn monitions of your pastors, you sin more grossly than others do. By loving even our enemies, by showing a spirit of unselfishness and self-sacrifice, let us commend to those around us the love of God. On the contrary, there was worthlessness and guilt to such a degree as to provoke a just indignation, to warrant an utter exclusion from happiness and hope. Our sins by it are expiated and atoned for. Then note how He is spoken of by the apostles (2 Corinthians 1:3; Colossians 1:12; 1 Peter 1:3; Romans 15:5; Ephesians 1:17; 1 John 3:1; Titus 3:4). THE DIGNITY OF THE SAVIOUR. Interpretation of St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, A (4)Objects of the Divine wrath.2. Oh, wondrous love of the Parent of my soul, "the God of my life," bending over the thought of my being! A. IV. It is no longer possible that God can be careless of our well-being or indifferent to our happiness, when to secure these He gave His own Son to die.2. He had )The love of God commendedJ. )The best thingD. church that heathens and pagans don’t know anything about love, but I Sign up for our emails and use it to grow in your faith as well as to encourage others. The best thing commended by the best Judge in the best possible way for THE BEST PURPOSE. I. claims love for the person he is sinning against and with. This at first sounds plausible, but —(1) These effects appear to come to us in the ordinary course of nature, and it is only natural to conclude that, if there be a God at all, His laws will be wise, and such as to render the condition of those creatures whom He has called into existence not wholly intolerable. The love of God, if it be real love, should have a certain practical effect. Nate closed his eyes, and called God’s name. Our sins clothed us like garments and made CHRIST DIED FOR US WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS.1. III. Many a man may prate about the value of love, and yet be a total stranger to anything like the real affection. "I dare say he said a great deal, for he preached a long time; but all I know is that I sat there before him with my head buried in my hands, sobbing, sobbing as if my heart would break. Let us regard the Cross as witnessing to —I. Men were —. Yet God did "not spare Him.". The tendency of sin is to destroy this element.