You could give them a call and reconnect with them. You could experience some business dealings to fail, blocking you from moving forward with your career. For a young man, who dreams of a bathroom, it insinuates that he has natural tendency to frivolous and not recommendable ways of having fun. Dreaming Dictionary and Tips For Better Sleep. When you are dreaming of oxen drinking water in a stream of clear water, then it announces that you will have a comfortable future, without achieving riches, besides the love of those around you…. Dreaming of being forced to drink spoiled milk. 1. Dreaming of spoilt milk – If you dreamed of spoilt milk, the dream doesn’t have a good meaning, and often indicates facing some family issues. Dreaming of walking on water is a sign of success in companies you intend to start. Dreaming of sour milk. It could indicate being smothered by someone or something, usually too much care. And i save my father from.falling into it and save myself also thereafter i white shivling. It could indicate some immoral acts and unprofessional behavior which could jeopardize your reputation and cause people to distance them from you because of your behavior. When the water is clear, clean and seems still or perhaps with gentle waves, and reflecting the sky, it’s reflection of cosmic things and quiet meditation. Also, it is possible that you will be disappointed in someone of your friends and you will not trust anymore in that person. If water comes bitter, shady or yellowish, it predicts disease. When a woman dreams of swimming or simply bathing in clean, transparent water, it can mean that she feels pleased with herself, enjoys a good health, has the sincere love of a man, and the sympathy of several people, which could dote her with some social prestige. If it is made of water, snow or fire, it warns you that you some feelings can destroy you. Stuck, it means loss of freedom. In this article we will talk about dreaming of milk. To dream about a young woman that is washing her clothes suggests upcoming joys due to new relationships. This dream is a sign of abundance and prosperity. Dreaming of drinking from a beautiful waterfall or a beautiful fountain that shoots water, indicates that you will soon receive a big and well deserved reward for your efforts, and you will have good health. rcel.async = true; To dream that you’re washing your hands and face with dirty water, suggests that you want to have illicit and dangerous liaisons, either emotional or in your business. Iike that of sidhiviniyak but of lighy beownish colour. You will also benefit in a form of financial reward. Dreaming of dirty water, with mud that you suppose is pestilent (and it’s worse if it’s moved by a storm), indicates dangers, sorrow, and risks. Sitting besides it. Dreaming of boiling milk that flows over the pot. Calm and clear water denotes serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. Dreaming of chocolate milk – If you dreamed of chocolate milk that dream could indicate your dissatisfaction with how things currently are in your life and the need for some changes to make some improvements. Maybe you have used them to solve someone’s problems or for doing something creative and helpful to others. We hope you have enjoyed this article and you have found the right interpretation for your dream. Dreaming of spilling milk. You are revealing too much. If you have seen that milk was coming from breast, it means that you will have many good opportunities in the future period. This dream is a symbol of abundance and wealth. It also suggests you’re confused. Dreaming of a running stream indicates the cure of a disease. If you were warming the milk in your dream, the dream might be an indication that you need some rest and relaxation. Seeing shivling in dream means. You could soon experience some failure in your professional and private life. If you have seen goat milk in your dream, it is a very bad sign. Before that i saw my father and me going on ricksaw who is driving very fast on edge of road but we are not falling suddenly reach to end of road where pond of water is which of blood colour. Dreaming of seeing milk in jerry can. If the channel is broken, then it indicates that we have mistaken our feelings. Dreaming of seeing milk. If you have seen in your dream that you or someone else has vomited milk, it indicates that you should not have too much of anything. var p = 'https:' == document.location.protocol ? If it is made of water or snow, you will be involved in problems, but you will come out from it victorious. The meaning of your dream will depend on many things and situations that have appeared in your dream. This dream means that your friends will be exposed to many problems and difficulties in the future period. Dreaming of a river that has very clear water is an announcement of a peaceful, quiet and successful life, and a promise for a nice future. They might both affect your home and work. Drinking cold water means good events and joy. When this water appears in some places in hectic streams, it indicates honors, social success, etc., especially when you work in the intellectual sphere. Therefore, seeing shivling in dream means always auspicious and indicates blessings of almighty God or Lord Shiva. You enjoy serving others. It symbolizes that we are immerse in the depths of the unconscious, unable to return to the conscious, which is equivalent to desperation, neurosis and madness…. If you have seen in your dream that you were buying milk powder or maybe storing it, it means that you should save money in the future in order to provide your family a comfortable life. According to the water we can interpret our dream with the explanation that water is very significant, because it symbolizes life, feelings and it is the inner life of people. Dreaming of a creek, pipe, or any stream that has dirty, muddy, and stinking water, announces that the dreamer is developing several diseases and illnesses. Dreaming of fish swimming in clear water is favorable for the immediate future. If you have seen that milk is boiling, it means that you are not feeling comfortable in your own skin. Your income will be increased, so you don’t have to worry. Dreaming of a lot of milk. (function(){ In dreams they warn us of the deathly curses of love and against giving ourselves without control to the seductions of pleasure…. Seeing a lot of water stirred by strong waves indicates sorrows, if it reflects ourselves, it clearly indicates that we will achieve wealth, and if it reflects us more beautiful than we really are, it means we will find love in others. Shiva lingam dream are rarely seen and if seen anyone it means success, knowledge and prosperity. You nurture and protect them and do all you can to make them feel happy and secure. Dreaming of not having enough milk to drink – If you dreamed of not having enough milk to drink that dream could indicate the need to work more on the relationships with your loved ones.