Royer 101 vs 121 vs Shure KSM 313. ... and to a Royer 121… Time, though, for a more detailed look at each microphone. Royer R-121. The smaller (and cheaper) of the pair is the KSM313. The Royer and a Shure sm57 is a deadly combo. Some really great sounds when I'm tracking guitar! Packaged as a side-addressed microphone, the KSM313 … Doesn't req This is a best-seller because it works flawlessly on everything from woodwind to percussion to guitar amps to vocals. The Royer Labs R-121 is their flagship offering. Shure KSM313, KSM353 Ribbon Mics Review. VERSATILE, STURDY TRANSDUCERS EXCEL OVER A RANGE OF APPLICATIONS. I investigated the Shure KSM313, ... A Royer 101 has a bit of a bump down around 100, then anther bump around 800 or so, a dip around 3-5k, and then a fairly severe roll off around 16k or so. Competing directly with the R-121 above, the Shure KSM313… Beyer’s M130, it’s somewhat lower than a Royer 121 and a lot lower than some of the newer ‘active’ ribbon designs out there. ... a good-sounding Royer R-121 was slightly “scooped out” in the … Hey guys, I managed to rent a Royer 121 and an API A2D mic preamp. Thread starter Kris Richards; Start date May 26, 2014; Prev.