Curly’s has been smoking meats for over 50 years! I will be reporting back after our vacation! The same recipe can be used for gas smokers and pallet smokers. Learn how to master the smoked pork shoulder with this simple, delicious recipe that is perfect for your pellet smoker. Summer is almost here! Big Island Smoked Pork, also casually called “smoked meat” is a family tradition that goes back to generations of wild pig hunters and Paniolo ranchers on the island of Hawaii. Why This Recipe Works. I always use Curly’s Smoked Pulled Pork! What to put on pulled pork sliders? You will feel like you’re on vacation in no time! Here’s my big time saving tip! It is worth the wait no doubt! I can’t wait to be back eating a traditional Hawaiian smoked meat recipe and comparing it to the crockpot kalua pork we’ve grown to love. You can also boat your pork shoulder instead of wrapping in foil, mean you wrap in foil but leave the top exposed to create awesome bark but you still protect the pork and catch the juices. These pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian rolls are so easy! However, this Hawaiian pulled pork recipe is a mix of sweet and tangy flavors, which turns into a flavorful sauce, and it only takes 30 minutes to cook in an Instant Pot. Accordingly, I decided to dedicate this recipe to my pulled pork-lovin’ husband! This tropical pulled pork hawaiian recipe will easily become a weeknight dinner your family will love! Pulled Pork Hawaiian Recipe for Slow Cooker or Instant Pot. Say aloha to a delicious backyard barbecue experience with this Hawaiian Pork Butt! The slow cooked dish takes most of the day to get nice and tender. Adding a water pan to you smoker is important to help prevent any drying during the cooking process. The start of summer means picnics and holidays like Father’s Day! It’s a simple dish with liquid smoke and Hawaiian sea salt. Smoked Pulled Pork Tips. Perfect for a summer luau, or just for a laid-back dinner with the family. Then you add the pulled pork. Just get a 12-pack of Hawaiian rolls and slice them in half with a bread knife. It’s probably done a similar way on most other Hawaiian islands, and everyone has their own secret flavoring or method to make it their own.