Some people actually picked prime lol  Spectre wins this in style, the problem with spectre is that he is writen in a lot of diferent power lvls, but if its a well writen full powered spectre he wins. Normal Superman is stronger than Silver Surfer and Sentry. @thetruthnerds: IMO Superman prime 1 million > The Presence, He granted powers far beyond that of any held by ANY META HUMAN(meaning beyond human) ever to Kal Kent as stated in writers panel. someone told me he went toe to toe with COIE antimonitor who destroyed infinite universes. Wiki Points. But Prime will go down into his Mom's basement to complain about it on the DC Universe boards. Followers. LAST SONS Disclaimer: As I have said in other mashups, pitting characters from one universe against another is juvenile and pointless as neither company would want to have their character lose to the other. _THEcreator. 90. Superman Prime One-Million vs The Spectre. OR if not, well I guess he's bored, in the TV Show though, I still think Spawn and Jade are better off than wanda. This topic is locked from further discussion. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Why was this bumped? That like Saying I created my house because every time I welcome someone I say "welcome to my house" and have some stupid but eerie golden smile on my face. Forum Posts. Without a Doubt he is the Greatest Super Hero of All Time in Comic Book History and My Personal Favorite, all the others owe him a great deal in respect and inspiration, The GOLD SUPERMAN PRIME & Kyle Rayner ION HAND OF GOD are 2nd only to the Presence in there comic issues. Followers . ION is number one, Parallax second, Spectre third, SPOM is fourth, and Spawn is last. Was it not the Hulk that fought Sentry to a stand still? Superman Prime. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Superman Prime 1,000,000 was supposed to be the 2nd most powerful being in DC when he was created. Superman Prime One Million (Kal-El) vs. The gold superman prime one million vs the spectre vs Anti-Monitor, who wins? you should use "comic vine superman" he can beat pr beyonder :P, Oh nice a battle of supposedly Omnipotent characters...these ALWAYS have a clear winner. Prime possesses the latter, but not the former. 1. morpheus_ Follow 35669. You are NOT in this 2. 4. spectre. Edit: some people are saying team two is too strong so I'm adding Pre-retcon Beyonder to Superman's team. Only the writer can, not you, therefore I kill you, put a gun at the head of the writer, make him give me all copyrights, then i become more powerful than the presence, automatically get in this battle, and become 1. and then 2. is prime, 3. is spectre, and 4+ is everyone else, but spawn instantly dies. Intelligence. He is 1. because he is also said to be next to The Presence himself. At their strongest, Spectre can be nigh omnipotent so he is first then Spawn followed by Ion and Parralax with SPOM last. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Superman PRime 1million has barely any feats. kind of breaking 4th wall. Spawn wisely says " these is not my battle" and leaves. May the most OP fight begin. Follow 18. All these during/after destroying almost any magical source around the world. Parallax and Specter fight it out, while ION just laughs and read some comics he just made up. Because everyone seems to think Spectre is superior to him. Who will win in a fight between Superman Prime One-Million and The Spectre? Superman Prime One Million (Kal-El) vs. 6 wins (27.3%) Superman Prime One-Million (Kal-El) 57: statistics. Forum Posts. Dont see how any of these guys can take him. Winner? Who will win in a fight between Superman Prime One-Million and Spectre? Um, I'm pretty sure that the Spectre was reduced to begging Superman Prime to stop when SP tore down the Gates of Heaven in his attempt to get to Lois' soul canonically. 0. 1. parallax created universe in blank page like a writer. Forum Posts. 4. superman prime 1 million gets shotted out like bug. Ugh. Durability. And why the hell is Spawn winning?!? He can instantly create a universe, instantly create a world, and instantly revive any being. Superman Prime One Million is above all and under the presence. Forum Posts. "Spectre kills any version of Superman easily ", Wow! Created by remy94. AbstractRaze. Power . Speed. @sheryin1 umm, you are 1. because you can erase them from comics? Didn't Parallax Hal defeat Spectre during Zero Hour? Wiki Points. The Spectre vs. Ion (Original) vs Divine Spawn vs Paralax-Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner: 78 results; 1; 2; ssejllenrad. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. In truth, if the Spectre is at the level you recommended (host-less), it would be for the worst for Prime. Superman Prime One-Million vs Spectre. Spectre kills any version of Superman easily. Not that the Spectre with a host would make it any easier for him, in any way. 100. 100. @ckal: he was obviously bored by that crap...... he's an assassin and it's always about taking down uber powerful targets or maybe some beggar on the streets and since he's that powerful so what's the point of it if you can just walk to that guy and kill him with just a thought? Yep, SPOM debunk thread is a must read for any that disagree. one got feats that are planetary, another got no feats, Superman Prime proved some feats. 0. SMP1M is still a 5th dimensional imp times like 100. Re-read the story. Created by remy94. 0. Superman Prime One Million + Spectre + Thought Robot VS Galactus + Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet + Darkseid + The Living Tribunal (self.whowouldwin) submitted 4 years ago * by libo720. Marvel was enhanced with all the magic in the world during the fight. 11892. 100. That planetary powerhouse that beat the planetary "god" and "satan" who has billions of equals in his own universe beats universal nigh omnipotents like classic Ion? Am I missing something about that confrontation? VS Superman Prime vs The Spectre? divine spawn is the weakest here, or superman. Win awesome prizes! 1. The Spectre vs. Ion (Original) vs Divine Spawn vs Paralax-Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner: ... Superman Prime One Million is above all and under the presence. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 1 year ago. Combat. 100. he should win here. Strength. The Spectre can be harmed by magic (to a degree, depending on the level of the magic user), but not by physical attacks. And him surviving that long is still PIS. Spectre vs. Superman Prime This topic is locked from further discussion. Reviews: 0. Also, I would like to hear you justifying this even further. 100. nobody in dc is omnipotent. Me (I can erase them from the comics.). Follow 13112. Prime could win if the Spectre is at the same level he was when he fought CM, " Prime could win if the Spectre is at the same level he was when he fought CM ". But, if this was Superman-Prime One Million then Doomsday would be erased. He did not allow Nabu to land a single hit, he one shotted Phantom Stranger, and decapitated Shazam inside his place of power. Wiki Points. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. User Lists: 0 #1 _THEcreator. Spectre is powerful as shit too but not enough so to make a difference when ranked with the supermen, and Thought Robot Superman, although not as strong as I … 0. ... one question superman one million is inmune to magic? Proved to me that he Created that Universe? Spectre. 6 wins (26.1%) Superman Prime One-Million Kal-El: power stats. 145. Didn't Superman Prime 1 Million lift the entire multiverse or something? Sign Up Login-= VOTERY STARTED =- Celebrate 15 years of SHDb. Follow 4658. If there is then visit this thread and prove it. Any metahuman includes presence, GEB, lucifer, COIE antimonitor etc etc BUT excluding beings who are beyond comic level and are created to be on readers level like Thought Robot, Over Monitor, Dark Monitor. 11 years ago. Sign Up Login. They say Sentry is the power of 16 exploding suns, well Superman tanks am explosion the size of 50 supernovas.