Ordered a dining table from one of the stores who said they'd deliver. Have actually heard many many complaints over the years. Good quality and reasonable delivery cost. It looks nice but came with by far the worst set of assembly instructions I have ever dealt with. she said customers constantly have to return or repair those chairs because of the shoddy craftsmanship. If you’re not totally satisfied with your IKEA purchase you can return new and unopened products within 365 days, together with your proof of purchase, for a full refund. First I bought a set of dining chairs - they look nice and were inexpensive, but weirdly they all eventually had their screws fall out the bottom while people were sitting on them, and the people nearly fell off the chairs as they broke. We bought the top of the line one in 2018 and it sags so much we can't sleep on it. Effective October 22, 2020 . Structube delivery is made via FedEx Standard Ground or Canada Post for smaller items or accessories. To arrange a return or exchange for an online order, please call us at 1-877-721-3787. Glad the table was good quality after all that headache.I'm most likely going to buy a dining set and some decor items from Structube, but for bigger investment items like sofas, I may stay away. Last month we were looking for almost the exact couch. Don't waste your time, unless you're just trying to sell a condo and need to dress it up temporarily. Good prices, knowledgeable people and they are always getting new pieces in. No issues so far. No compliance for Covid, store is always Crowded. IKEAs products are surprisingly better quality and they’re committed to their customers satisfaction. Came here to say this exactly! The sideboard itself was missing drill holes where the cabinet doors were supposed to attach; didn't have a drill at the time so I had to eyeball-it and manually screw-in the bolts which has left one door slightly wonky. They are extremely rude. Looking for similar stories in hopes to warn other potential customers from getting absolutely fucked over. Why don't you just return it if you're unsatisfied? I do remember being annoyed with the delivery for some reason (I think it took much longer than the initial delivery date they gave us). Some exceptions apply. Return Exchange Contact us English. At least with IKEA you know it's in stock, or not in stock, and can probably take it home today. Structube has terrible service and their delivery is a nightmare. I bought a dining table and chairs 4 years ago - while stylish looking, the wood is super lightweight and dents/scratches easily. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.structube.com/en/kyle-sofa-19-91-27?pid=23856. Eventually we got the lamp together and it looks nice, and I’m glad we were able to get it at a low price point, because we couldn’t have afforded anything more expensive and couldn’t find anything similar elsewhere. Delivery and Returns Online. Now, this could have possibly been because I didn’t tighten the screws enough when I assembled them, but generally I’m pretty good with that and tighten almost to the point of never being able to loosen them again, so I’m not sure. Structube furniture reviews are some of the more positive on the Internet. I bought a coffee table with a putt out "table" and it's totally fine. Bought a couch for my mom and not even a year later, the couch looks like it's aged about 20 years already. Today’s top Structube Promo Codes: 60% Off. i appreciated the honesty to say the least and ended up buying some teak chairs on fb marketplace. $2000 couch and it’s a piece of shit. It's the same stuff sold at Ashley Furniture but for less money and the staff aren't commission so they don't bother you if you just want to look. Structube has been getting consistently bad reviews since the beginning of the year. They never offered me a partial refund or discount for all of the nonsense. And I second everything you've said. The instructions just were not clear at all/the images made no sense, so I had to do extra googling to figure it out (and found other people ranting about the same thing). You definitely should have gotten an open box discount on the table because that's something that's offered online and in store. Save more with 55 structube.com Coupon Codes for November 2020. the associate at the college location tells me to not buy it because it's such poor quality. West Elm and EQ3's price points are much much higher. IMO I’m not a big fan of structube, we have a few pieces and they aren’t very well built (think terrible fit and finish, wobbly tables, etc). Most of the bad reviews I'm seeing are in regards to the customer service. Do not buy a mattress from structube they do not stand behind their products. Time to refund/return is pretty terrible. Waited another 3 weeks for that. I purchased a set of 4 and they seem to be getting looser over the last few months of using them. The unused item must be returned in its original condition and packaging. Relaxed, yet tailored for condo living, the modern design combines high style and relaxed comfort, with detached back support cushions and seating that invites you to lounge and linger. If you like west elm for the mid century look, I recommend buying second hand from places like Reclaim to fame (they have an online store as well), or Murphy’s mid century in inglewood. So in the end my experience is that while their stuff is really stylish - durability may be an issue. See product page for details. I bought a dining table and chairs 4 years ago - while stylish looking, the wood is super lightweight and dents/scratches easily. Super-cheap quality - Ikea is definitely better, which is saying something. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Structube - Poor Service and return issue. Structube has a showroom near me so I was able to see some of the furniture in store, but Article is online only. Even for canceling, they expect people to come in person. Would love to know the quality of their sofas, accent tables etc. Told I'll need to wait another week or so before it can be delivered. Bought a couch and dining table from them. But don't even think about considering them. I've only bought stools (yes those metal ones you literally see everywhere) and a couple of eames knock off chairs and haven't had any issues HOWEVER I don't think I'd be buying any large pieces from there based on things I've heard - which are backed up by other posts in this thread. We asked about some stuff, and it was super vague about when it would come into the store. That's worth a lot to me. Placed an order in August for a product with ETA of 1 Oct, and now the new ETA is 1 Feb. Nope, fuck them. Anyone else have experience with quality and hardware issues with Structube products? For the price I prefer ikea, yes they are similar but I feel structube is a bit higher and the pieces are a bit trendier. I joke with my partner that our relationship almost ended while trying to put together that lamp. (The Eiffel arm chair with solid beech legs, if you wanted to look it up) about 6 months after purchase, the legs randomly split and crashed to the ground while someone was sitting in it. The quality is all over the place. They keep postponing and their customer service is the worst of lot. If you want my story, DM me. Modern furniture, accessories, home decor English. i called to inquire about their "houston" chairs. You must be sure of one thing while shopping at Structube US, you'll always have a choice to save. funny story about structube. I purchased four Eiffel chairs from them late last year. Article vs. Structube I noticed that these stores have a lot of similar items (some look almost identical), except that Article is about 1.5x as expensive. Just make sure you and they are very clear about the timelines. No regrets, my EQ3 stuff has lasted me so far. This is the result of quality furniture combined with their many Structube sales, plus the warmth of their Structube customer service. Looks fine. I bought a dining table and dining chairs from structube. For the price I prefer ikea, yes they are similar but I feel structube is a bit higher and the pieces are a bit trendier. CONSTANCE Left-facing Sectional Sofa | Stylish and trendy, this sectional sofa with its luxuriating chaise lounge makes a big impression in a small space. Their quality is garbage but it's also cheap AF. Walmart’s Electronics Return Policy. It’s a Canadian company that important Chinese furniture... and sell at premium. Just want to make sure if I spend $3000+ on items there I'm not dumping money down the drain.