Lawyer Dan and Lawyer Choi addressed their doubts and got closer. I have to admit, the court cases are my least favorite part of this show. She says that is nonsense, she would not be friends with him. Touch Your Heart finale: Will the relationship between Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook’s characters survive fame and fortune [Spoilers] Sun Mar 24, 2019 at 9:32am ET By War Omega Leave a … Initially, Yoon Seo isn’t competent to act as Jung Rok’s secretary. The secretary says that she heard they were good friends, so yeorum tells them that they can release him. They got dressed out and walked in the party together. But she is confident in his abilities, he is the best lawyer she knows. I will be your consulting lawyer in your drama. Jungrok says it was just a misunderstanding. Cut to them both arriving at the house. Touch Your Heart finale: Will the relationship between Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook’s characters survive fame and fortune [Spoilers] Sun Mar 24, 2019 at 9:32am ET By War Omega Leave a comment He’s taken aback. SATURDAY + SUNDAY Shy Doo Seob was gently rejected by Eun Ji. Catch the exciting second half of Touch Your Heart on tvN and tvN Asia. She turns and walks away. He smiles and they drink some more. She tells him to eat it in front of her. It’s strange we know, but we like it. Se Won and Yeo Reum got engaged. This was a sweet adult romance. SO Doo-seob voted for him and Yang kind of considered both him and Jungrok. Are we all solo here? Yoon Seo calls Jung Rok to tell him that they need to talk. Later on, Jungrok goes to the shooting location which is similar to Descended of the Sun. He doesn’t understand how Yoon Seo choose Jung Rok over him. But the CEO says that she is lying, look at the handwriting. Choi – Yes, I thought it would not move, but…. She says she does not. Lawyer Choi and Lawyer Dan declared feelings. As they argue, Se Won calls Jung Rok and invites Yoon Seo inside. She tells him this as well and gives him ginseng for his health. Can’t you just go to the ukelele thing by yourself? usually, when a normal person stabs someone, the knife does not penetrate easily so they can easily be injured on their hand. There are a lot of internal couples in the company. Then she tries to clean off the blood between sobs. Jinsim is all like, Noooo, he is just a cousin like oppa that takes care of me when I drink and thinks. He slides it on Yeo Reum’s finger and warns the only answer she can give is yes, she’ll marry him. SATURDAY + SUNDAY He heard the chef is a perfectionist in meat industry. Watch our other videos here, here, here, and here! tvN’s “Touch Your Heart” aired its final episode on March 28. He watches the taxi leave for a moment and then heads off. You should go there and do it properly, stand up. Soon after, we see the police hancuffing this man and putting him in the car. I want to ask you that because your heart is my heart. JR – Me too. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He hit me properly, normal people would be nocked out but I stood up and followed him and caught him, so dont’ say I am weak. Jungrok starts to leave, but the CEO is so nervous and asks what they can do? Jin Sim smiles and agrees. I didn’t want the friend to get in trouble. Lawyer Yeon goes back to the law firm to see who would like to do it. He decides they must spend every moment they can prior to her departure. Start-Up | tvn | 21:00 (live). Can You say it one more time? Jinsim gets a call from her manager. She asks if he is okay, he says he is. It wasn’t us! JR – So, can we do the real thing and not pretend, like this. Now this is my kind of cold open — Yi-seok and Hong-do lying in bed, looking at each other with a sense of wonder and tentatively reaching out to touch. It has been so long already. ACK. It’s strange we know, but we like it. Hopefully their international views were solid. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in! So DOoseob tells her. Noona. Between 3 and 5%. He says that he worried about her being trapped in the elevator. During a meeting, Joon Kyu introduces two trainees who will be working with the lawyers of Always Law Firm. Back then you told me, when my hands are cold I should put them in the pocket. Yeorum says that Sewan was right, it was hard the first time, but it is not difficult now, what should I do? Jinsim sees Dan and Choi holding hands so she holds Kwon’s hands and says that she really likes him a lot. *he repeats it*, JS – Okay, I will do it again *she repeats*. Can you help me with my reading? In the law office, Jungrok is about to head out. Yeon says he just wondered who voted for him and against him, lets all clean this weekend. Jungrok goes to the sushi place but Jinsim calls him and says that she is sorry, they have to shoot some more. Later on, Jungrok works at the office late and Jinsim is on set. Jungrok goes to meet the defendant and asks about the day of the crime. Dan says it is good for her to hear good music ~. this is all based on his imagination. Jinsim then drinks a tea drink for that purpose (product placement). They attend a fancy event together. Yoon Seo wakes to Jung Rok cooking breakfast. He says that if there are any other hidden couples, then tell me, I am in debt a lot already with $700k so adding $7k more does not matter. What about the man and Yoonseo? JS – Of course, it strangely comforts me. Behind the Scenes Videosvideo 1, video 2, video 3, Follow us on:Twitter for updates, raves, and rantsInstagram for reviews and randomnessPinterest for all the prettyPatreon for First Looks!Subscribe on YouTube. JS: Almost done, do you want to eat dinner together? She had an inner strength that I admired. He was all wet in the shower. Jinsim says she is okay, she played a detective before so she is used to it. This man has a different opinion about the blood marks. Jungrok is all like “my” JUnSim? He waits for her to enter her gate then looks at his pinky finger and smiles. Yeon says that they can maybe do it….you know. She thinks it is strange because he is usually happy to win. The next day Yoon Seo tells the entertainment CEO that she’s dating Jung Rok. Choi – How can she do that with our ukulele? OUR CAR PEOPLE OUR OUTSIDE TO DRIVE US BACK TO THE DEALERSHIP. Noona was getting hit. Jungrok can’t watch, but he can’t look away, they are really about to touch lips, but then a car honks so they cut before kissing. Secret dating is always tiring in the end. 21:30 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © They go upstairs and she is right in bed. He doesn’t have good manners but at least he is good at work. Sewan does not want Jungrok and Yeorum to be against each other. What? Maybe they did not try to kiss. It is a demanding job. They leave and the manager rushes in to see why she was working so late and if she is okay. Meanwhile, Dooseob is scouting the man that might be the witness. But the manager takes it away, off to the next scene! They start to kiss on her couch. She’ll be out of the country for 1 month. The prosecutor trusted Im Yooni’s confession and did not prosecute Park Soomyoung. She smiles and giggles and says that she likes samgyupsal. She mentions that she has left her jealousy at home because it will only cause a rift in their relationship. CEO Yeon is all like, of course not. As the prosecutor says, it does not make sense for a woman with an injury that requires 9 weeks to heal can stab a man like that. Jungrok gets home where Sewan comments on his shirt which is a neighborhood soccer team shirt. For all Your Kpop and Kdrama Fashion Needs! Lawyer Yeon is all like, ahhhhhhh, you need a lawyerrrrrrrr, well, who solved the biggest case of the century? Is she really cold blooded like that? JS – So dont’ mistake it. She is thrilled when she finds a welcome home celebration from Jung Rok when she enters her apartment. Our newest behind the scenes video is done! If you dont’ do it today then you will not be able to see noona for a long time. He is part of the volunteer police.