Borassus (Palmyra Palm) is a genus of six species of fan palms and they are tall palms, capable of growing up to 30 m high (98 ft). In Sri Lanka the major varieties of palms are Palmyra Palm or Borassus Palm) Coconut Palm' or Cocos nucifera, Kitul palm or Caryota Urens and the Areca Nut palm or areca palm Areca catechu. Growing Tips: This palm can grow in indirect sunlight. In fact there are over 2500 species of palms. Borassus flabellifer or toddy palm tree is native to the Indian subcontinent and used to make Tadi or Palm wine in India. The sap of these palms is used in making the jaggery or gud in the state of West Bengal. Other Names: Broadleaf Lady, Little Lady Palm, Finger Palm, Bamboo Palm. One of the most popularly grown varieties of palm, Areca Palm is not Both these lady palm varieties have fan-like foliage that looks like delicate fingers. 3. Botanical Name: Areca catechu. Oesophageal obstruction in a bull due to palmyra palm. palmyra palm synonyms, palmyra palm pronunciation, palmyra palm translation, ... but authorities and conservationists planted other varieties once Vaduvoor was declared a bird sanctuary in 1999. Learn about classic types of palm trees, including date palm, hardy Chinese windmill palm and zombie palm, from the experts at HGTV Gardens. Palmyra palm is widely cultivated in south Asia and Southeast Asia. These freaks palms are said to be freak palms and they are very rare. It is cultivated or found in semi-wild stands in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, China, West Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. Interestingly, this is one of the rare palms that has both green and variegated leaves. List of Palm Trees, below lists types and names of species of trees known as Palms, or Palm Trees.Most of these trees belong to the botanical classification family; Arecaceae.This family is historically named Palmae, although modern classifications don't use it anymore, older texts containing names of palm trees may refer to it.. The palmyra palm is the official tree of Tamil Nadu and very respected in Tamil culture, leaves are used for baskets, stalks are used to make fences, Palmyra sprout and palm fruit or ice apple loaded with cooling properties. Palmyra palm, Toddy palm Scientific name: Borassus flabellifer L. Local/ Bangla name: ‘Tal’ Taxonomic position According to Cronquist (1981) Ki… Tiny village in India is a secret bird paradise. Define palmyra palm. Betel Palm / Areca Palm. Most Palm are tree-like, with single trunks and either fan shaped (palmate) or feather shaped (pinnate) compound leaves. These trees have a robust trunk that can grow up to a height of 35-40 feet. In India, it is planted as a windbreak on the plains.