Stop processing before it gets too buttery/moist. it turned out amazing ! Place in the freezer for several hours until set. I understand this is a dairy free recipe, but why call it something it’s not? I left mine in overnight. Nuts (walnuts + cashews) The only other ingredient that has similar properties is shea butter, which sets a little more firmly than cacao butter. We all love it!! The only thing I would change is your “total time” to include the setting part. I want to make them and bring them into work? If you'd like to show your appreciation by making a contribution via PayPal, that would be truly awesome! I did add some vanilla and chocolate extract to the filling. Divide filling evenly among the ramekins (or other serving dish). I need to find an excuse to make these ASAP. Thank you for the recipe! keep it in the fridge). Also I went by the weights rather than the cup measures but it seemed like there was a lot more cocoa butter and dates than the cup measures. I used the Spiral Organics coconut milk with a 6% fat content, but I have also used coconut milks with an 18% fat content. Let the cheesecake rest outside for the fridge for 15 minutes, then place your cheesecake in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Let us know if you try it! Seriously delish! The great news is, unlike my other flavors, these stay firm at room temperature for hours, so if you’re taking this one to a party, you’re good to go! It was so rich and creamy, perfect with sliced strawberries, and just outstanding. My dad HATES coconuts but these look soooo good! I used a 10 inch springform pan because that’s what I had available and it worked wonderfully! I prefer kibbles or flakes because then I don’t have to grate it myself. I made these yesterday and they are so amazing! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Be sure to use a coconut oil which is ‘deodorised’ or ‘refined’ in order to avoid any unwanted coconut flavour.”. I’ve made these twice ,and both times they’ve turned out great. Xo, Oh yes for sure! Hope that helps! You might find that coconut butter will do it, although it does melt at a slightly lower room temperature than cacao butter, so you’d need to make sure the cheesecake didn’t get too warm (i.e. Perfect balance of flavor and texture. If it’s any help, it’s 1/4 of 1/4 of 1/4 of a teaspoon, or you could just go with a small pinch of pink salt and see how it goes! I have made this two times now. I bought the canned coconut milk from Asian market…I don’t think that brand of milk ever solidifies well in cold temperatures. I’ll definitely be making this for a special occasion! Most likely, they will change the flavour a little, but the filling should still set just fine. Sign up here to receive weekly e-mails! Best cheesecake ever! Thank you.. He gets this distant look in his eye, like he’s imagining the cheesecake on his plate again. As such, I was determined to make this recipe without the help of any shop-bought vegan cream cheese. It has a rich chocolate flavor, not overly sweet at all. And did it work ok? I haven’t tried it specifically in this recipe, but I’ve used it in my other cashew-cream -based raw dishes. Instead, this recipe uses silken tofu for the creamy, silky texture, and lemon juice for the bright tang. Plus they are so stinkin’ cute that they’re perfect to serve at an elegant brunch or afternoon tea! Set aside. It was easy enough that my 11yr old son could do most of it with little help and it was fun ‘baking’ with him. I did have some extra filling when I made this in my muffin tin. I’m currently drooling onto my keyboard. I am going to have to give this recipe a try! Privacy Policy. amazing! I’ve edited the recipe now so hopefully you can see it properly. This Baked Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake will make your mouth water! with amounts of cocoa, fat and sweetener needed for a substitute. In our house, this raw vegan chocolate cheesecake is affectionately called “triple chocolate insanity”. I can’t wait to make these! Definitely going to make this again. Hmm, you can usually sub oats in place of nuts in the recipes. However I am stumped by the US cup measurements!! Do it! and are so thick and firm it’s like custard! Ah, thanks for sharing! I would still like to make them but maybe make hers without chocolate…but what could I add in its place? Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes: Add a layer of crust to a small bowl or ramekin and pour a layer of filling on to top make mini cheesecakes. and do you think chocolate or ginger ones would work better? I used oats in my crust and I used 7 oz of full fat coconut ilk and 7 oz light coconut milk. Thanks for sharing, Stassia! Such as this recipe. This raw vegan chocolate cheesecake is melt-in-the-mouth, lick-the-plate, go-back-for-more good. So if you’re after a low fat recipe, run away screaming now. I live in Europe, so ounces and cups are not so familiar here. I will definitely do it with olive oil (or maybe grapeseed, since I do get tired of raw desserts reeking of coconut oil? Thanks for hitting it out of the park yet again! I also made extra crust, rolled them up in little different-sized balls and covered them with 70 percent chocolate. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab72297dfcad119f2e7a7fc1c140df1a" );document.getElementById("bb740cd599").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Do you want to be notified when there's a new comment or reply? I have to say it is a match made in heaven or at least it tastes like heaven. I can not believe how good this was! best vegan chocolate cheesecake, cashew cheesecake, dairy-free chocolate cheesecake, oil-free vegan cheesecake, Vegan Garlic Chive Muffins (Gluten-free, Oil-free) ». Again I haven’t tried this, but maybe one day…. Hi Claire, full fat is best for creaminess, but either will work. It is insanely good! Let us know if you do some experimenting! I am just 35 days into a dairy free & meat free regimen so I have been on the internet daily, looking for great recipes. But I doubt that would affect texture? … my base was very solid and sticky rather than crumbly. Did you ever figure out how to make these without the sugar-sweetened chocolate bar? The other thing you might want to do is make sure that you’ve blended it for long enough. ), Instant Pot White Rice (Fast, Tender, Fluffy! Olive oil The lemon adds the classic tanginess of cheesecake. If your filling hasn’t set, it might be because the coconut milk you used was either too watery (i.e. If you don't wish to support my site, please don't click on any ads or affiliate links. Leave a comment and review below, then take a picture and tag @joyfoodsunshine #joyfoodsunshine on Instagram so I can see it! If so, try this crust. Thanks so much! Make these for a crowd or just for yourself. It turned out so good! I love the pictures, too. It sets up so well! Ever since I made my first baked vegan cheesecake, I have been alllll about them! Could we use Raw Almonds instead of raw cashews? after taste left by chocolate sweetened with sugar . You might need to play with the balance of flavours a little, but I can definitely see it working out. They store well in the fridge for a few days, and in the freezer for up to a few weeks! I studied Biochemistry and Genetics at Monash University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, with Honours. Pomegranate Dressing (Pomegranate Vinaigrette). I have a mid-range blender – a Ninja that I bought on Black Friday a few years back. I made this for a friend’s birthday and everyone loved it. Can’t wait to try it tho. Blend until all ingredients are combined and mixture is smooth (about 1 minute). Did this for my new years eve party and Oh.My.Goodness. I totally love your plain cheesecake base (I’ve made it and loved it!) I love the idea of freezing the filling and serving it as fudge, and for breakfast no less. I made this recipe yesterday. This creates little tabs that make removing the cheesecakes easier to pop out once set. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Be sure to start soaking your cashews 1 hour before you’re ready to make the filling! So are no bake, no freeze cheesecakes, I think. I’m currently drooling, How much stevia did you use as an alternative in this recipe? But I include other ideas below, including a recipe for a quick peanut butter sauce! I appreciate your advice. Not surprisingly, because it is insanely chocolatey – a chocolate crust, with a chocolate cheesecake filling and topped with grated raw vegan chocolate. OMG my mouth is watering only after seeing this pictures! Privacy Policy | Terms | Copyright © 2020 Eating Vibrantly | Sitemap. And really quite easy to do…, I just made this for a birthday dessert! You can feel the outside of the jug, and stop once it starts to feel warm. Thank you! It only takes   5 minutes or less to make the filling, but that’s only if you have the cashews presoaked! Made this into a cake and it is THE BOMB. Just 10 ingredients required and entirely vegan and gluten free. As for the dates, honestly I don’t know. I used a springform tin, so once the cake was set, I could easily remove the tin from around it, without inverting it or anything.