Piero Heliczer reading at London’s Gallery Books, WASTE PAPER, No. (She is currently the subject of a solo show at Nicole Klagsbrun in Chelsea.) There are those who call her a party girl, but in truth, she had documented h... Tosh Berman on "Goin' Home with The Rolling Stones. Inside in the publication is the drawing by Cameron that led my dad to Jail for a night or so. SEMINA, No. Ms. Brown’s fetishistic “Man on Horseback,” a 1957 sculpture of rolled and tied cloth, is an eye-catcher. An artist whose personal charisma outstripped his actual production, Berman was legendary for the regard in which he was held by his peers, other artists, poets and musicians. Yet the throwaway, amateur-proud spirit that propelled the older work is largely absent in the new. It belongs to another time and place, with a different set of possibilities and necessities, to a small imploded star, now far, far away, called Underground. After meeting him, drifters, movie stars, ex-marines and petty criminals found themselves starting to paint and write. All materials undated unless otherwise noted: (a) [Cover] Wallace Berman, "Wife" [Shirley Berman]; halftone. Contributors include: Antonin Artaud, Wallace Berman, John Chance, Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz (translated by Philip Lamantia), Kirby Doyle, John Hoffman, Larry Jordan, Robert Kaufman, Philip Lamantia, Christofer Maclaine, William Margolis, Michael McClure, Anne McKeever, David Meltzer, John Reed, Ruth Weiss, John Wieners, Pantale Xantos [Wallace Berman]. And four dozen of them take brief, individual bows in a show — organized for the Santa Monica Museum of Art by two independent curators and critics, Michael Duncan and Kristine McKenna — that feels like both a slice of still-warm history and a reliquary. Wallace Berman was highly active and produced many artworks until the fatal year of 1976 when he died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Wallace Berman, "Untitled (Semina Gallery)," 1961/2016 Modern inkjet prints, 20 x 16 inches Courtesy of Charles Brittin Archives and Getty Research Institute. THE CLOUD DOCTRINE And for relics, there’s the pigment-caked footstool that Ms. De Feo used while creating “The Rose,” a painting that grew so heavy with applied matter that, at 2,000 pounds, it had to be forklifted from her tenement studio. A spiritually minded secularist, he was intensely sociable and intensely quiet, a family man whose house was open to all. years si... "Goin' Home with The Rolling Stones '66" by Gered Mankowitz -Review by Tosh Berman for Pleas Kill Me Website, "NICHE: A Memoir in Pastiche" by Momus (FSG), "Wrong: A Critical Biography of Dennis Cooper" by Diarmuid Hester, "Erin Reads Things To You" - Erin reads TOSH, BOOK MUSIK 17: Tony Nourmand & Dave Brolan (Reel Art Press), "Photographs: Together & Alone" by Karlheinz Weinberger (The Song Cave), BOOK MUSIK : "Remain in Love: Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Tina" by Chris Frantz (St. Martin's Press), New York Dolls - "A Hard Night's Day" (Norton). Semina 4 is a folder containing the following items, listed here in alphabetical order by artist/author. Sent, copy by copy, through the mail, Semina defined a distinctively trippy, sardonic West Coast surrealism. From the Colophon: ALEPH/ a gesture involving / photographs drawings & text / by Wallace Berman / 200 copies Larkspur Calif 1961 / for Shirley & Tosh / I love you, 8. Cover photo by Charles Brittin. Contributors include: A.A. [Antonin Artaud], W. [Wallace Berman], Cameron, K.D. underrated when they’ve been nominated for some of the biggest prizes in 34) "I'm Your Fan: The Songs of Le... David Meltzer "Luna" (Black Sparrow Press) Cover b... Wallace Berman (Untitled, but often known as "Face... Wallace Berman "Untitled" Verifax Collage, and Han... Wallace Berman Installation at the Ferus Gallery, ... Wallace Berman: Invitation RSVP Card sent to Denni... "Word Book" by Ludwig Wittgenstein. SEMINA, No. SEMINA, No. From the Colophon: Type handset on beat 5 x 8 Excelsior handpress / cover photo: “Wife” by W. Berman / San Francisco 1959 / Art is Love is God. And as the show, a kind of scrapbook of art and ephemera, makes clear, three decades after his death he is well worth getting to know. Love is the goal. He not only made it but also inspired others to make it, sparking hidden aptitude in startling places. In thinking about the important through line of artist communities that permeates Made in L.A., I dug through the collection and unearthed Wallace Berman’s Semina to give us a glimpse into the history of Los Angeles as a mecca for artists who work fluidly with media and find inspiration in their … 3, edited by Wallace Berman 1. Semina Culture: Wallace Berman & His Circle Edited with text by Michael Duncan, Kristine McKenna. SEMINA, No. Acceptance, and the psychological protection it affords, are rare and invaluable. The Hollywood child actor Bobby Driscoll, the voice of Peter Pan in the Disney film and the creator of four glorious little collages in the show, was taken out by heroin at 31. 7, edited by Wallace Berman from the copyright p, Ira Cohen - Publications Edited, Printed, and Published, Piero Heliczer - Contributions to Periodicals. 3, edited by Alan Jay Arikian (Elmhurst, Cameron. cinema ... "A Hard Night's Day" is my favorite New York Dolls album. He was also a collagist, painter, photographer and poet; his immersion in art was complete. "Goin' Home with The Rolling Stones '66" by Gered ... BOOK MUSIK (No. This index lists issues of Semina, the periodical edited by Wallace Berman; contributors are listed alphabetically. Folder measuring 8″ x 9.5″ with a half-tone of Shirley Berman tipped on to the front cover, internal letterpress printed pocket contains 23 offset lithograph, lithograph, and letterpress printed cards of various dimensions. It led to his arrest for exhibiting lewd material. 8 reviews The quintessential visual artist of the Beat era, Wallace Berman (1926-1976) remains one of the best kept secrets of the late 20th century.