The research found that individuals who speak two or more languages, regardless of their education level, gender or occupation, experience the onset of Alzheimer’s, on average, 4 1/2 years later than monolingual subjects did. Some obvious, some surprising. The date is yet to be confirmed, but it will be anytime After 20th May. I am glad you have enjoyed it! On the other hand, it can significantly boost our productivity levels as well. Britain, on the other hand, is estimated to lose out on the equivalent of 3.5% of its GDP every year, because of its population’s relatively poor language skills . An essential part of these skills is engaging in a critical dialogue with yourself by continually questioning whatever you’re currently doing. I have already mentioned that one of the benefits of language learning is being able to tackle complex issues. (Carpenter & Torney 1974), 49. Some things simply cannot be translated. (Lemberger 1990), Foreign language learners are more tolerant of the differences among people. These are the mechanisms responsible for the overall management of cognitive resources and processes – including attention shifts, working memory, reasoning, and switching between tasks. However, mastering one language teaches you the mechanics and structure behind any language (ok, maybe except. Have you ever wondered what other benefits language learning has to offer? They want to learn one language for the sake of work/relationship, etc. (Curtain & Dahlberg 2004), “The limits of your language are the limits of your world” – Ludwig Wittgenstein. 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Another great news for language learners is having more opportunities to find a job and develop professionally. You have no idea what you’re doing and where you’re going. This entails that our language serves a purpose. If you wish to learn German, you can try Goethe-Institut. That is why cultural awareness is the key to learning a language. “The relation of bilingualism to intelligence”.Psychological Monographs75(546): 1–23. In other words, you will be able to open up the doors to the world around you. Peal E., Lambert M. (1962). Verbal communication requires productivity, i.e. – The Erasmus Impact Study, References: “The Erasmus Impact Study – Effects of mobility on the skills and employability of students and the internationalization of higher education institutions” (2014), The Principle of Priority states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first. References: – Bialystok E. (1999). If you are good at something, there is a job opportunity, awaiting you in another country. Early foreign language study is less dependent on previous verbal learning than most other elements of the elementary school curriculum, and this allows some students to succeed who have otherwise experienced repeated failure in school. bird songs), there is no other species known to date that can express infinite ideas (sentences) with a limited set of symbols (speech sounds and words). The language learning journey is fraught with obstacles. 38. You can travel to all corners of the world without speaking another language. Another study confirmed that learning a language influences the perception of color as well as the categorization of objects. Let’s take the literature as an example. The researchers also found that the participants who were successful learners had a more connected network than the other participants even before learning took place. Plus, it also protects you against diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Learning a new language would assist you in developing your self-confidence as well. Even ordinary holidays might turn into a love story! While people decide to learn for a variety of reasons, Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits that we will experience by learning a foreign language. ❝Absolutely nothing is so important for a nation’s culture as its language.❞. Most of us have a job, study, family and other stuff to take care of. Another study from 2017 hinted that foreign-language speakers turned out to be less averse to violating the taboos that can interfere with making utility-maximizing choices. The results confirmed that the bilingual children were more creative in their problem solving than their monolingual peers. Some common causes include the following: It boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel this nice, warm feeling inside. Out of those methods, command over a language holds a prominent place. Second language study benefits understanding and security in the community and society, Research suggests that attitudes about other groups and peoples are formed by the age of ten and are often shaped between the ages of four and eight. I’ll keep on updating it every couple of months. As you progress, you begin to better understand and sympathize with the people who speak the language. It means those who speak two languages are better at switching between tasks than are those who know only one. Every victory, no matter how small, makes you better equipped to handle future challenges and build consistency and persistence. One explanation for this could be bilinguals’ increased metalinguistic awareness, which creates a form of thinking that is more open and objective, resulting in increased awareness and flexibility. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why. (Grosse 2004). It makes your traveling more exciting. As more and more people recognize the importance of learning an additional language, those who only speak one language will begin to get left behind in our shift towards a more integrated and connected global society. That’s because you can accept the job offer and fulfill your responsibilities without any hassle. 1989). That’s because any tongue under the sun can help you experience the benefits discussed above. How can you make sure that yours is special? What’s more, knowledge of a foreign language conveys, among others, that you’re an intelligent, disciplined and motivated person. In today’s increasingly interdependent and hyper-connected world, it has become essential for everyone to learn a foreign language. Your children will develop (much) faster, According to new research, babies exposed to two languages display better learning and. Without even realizing that many, oh so many, years will pass before any translation software or magical devices will be able to do a half-decent job. A study from 2010 shows that bilinguals have stronger control over their attention and are more capable of limiting distractions. Also 50% fewer mobile students (2%) than non-mobile students (4%) needed more than 12 months to find their first job. When we have this skill, we can get more work done within a short time. Whatever the reasons might be, knowing foreign languages significantly increases your mobility by removing language barriers and increasing the chances of employment. If you visit any of those countries or call them by staying in your country, the ability to speak in their language can provide excellent assistance to you. (Horn &Kojaku 2001), Another study showed that high school seniors with two or more years of foreign language study showed significantly improved performance on achievement tests in English when compared with non-foreign language students. English) is very helpful – no one can deny it. (Dumas 1999), Foreign language study can help to alter the trajectory for children of average intelligence and narrow the achievement gap. Maybe If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of learning a foreign language? “A very interesting finding is that, contrary to previous studies, the brain is much more plastic than we thought,” said Li, also co-chair of the interdisciplinary graduate degree program in neuroscience.