I know that the title may sound a bit provoking, but I mean no Offense. from 30 onwards, gets good, then from 50 to patch 2.55 gets a lot better, and Heavensward the expansion is basically the best story in a FF game in a decade. Up to you whether you want to continue or not but I'd suggest getting in with a good FC and play the game more "socially" because it can get pretty boring as a solo player. If you want challenge, at lvl 50 you can access extreme content. This game's challenge/complexity curve starts off kind of slow, possibly because it wants to be accessible to people who are completely new to gaming. I'm on lvl 18 now. Im also into Tanking, and would prefer doing that if possible. Personally, I don't think this game's story can compare to the more intriguing, emotional stories in some of the other games. I think I was just a few MSQs away from the good stuff. In the long term, let's just say the expansions are better story, less filler quests that don't contribute, and just higher quality. It depends of what you're looking for. You're off tutorial island now, and into dungeons, so you'll begin seeing that soon. The amount of voiced cutscenes also tends to increase the further you get into the expansions. Not sure how much that helps, but as your hotbar fills up with more actions you will be using all of them. I quit like 3-4 times because I was bored to death. I liked the story, for the most part, but it took FOREVER.Once you get to Heavensward content, the pacing is much better. Once Ishgard starts showing up more in your quests, things will be on the up and up pretty much through to Shadowbringers. HW is what makes me fall in love with the game. Unlike WoW, this game doesnt try to constantly funnel content down your throat. Basically every job gets more active at higher level, since even if the game has a GCD of 2.5s, numerous off-GCDs and stats like Skillspeed or Spellspeed (which make the GCD go faster) make everything quicker and funier. If you expect to be max level with all your abilities and traits into endgame content by next week then I'd say unlikely unless you purchase a lvl boost/MSQ skip. Don't skip voiced cutscene. That should be enough to keep your level current with minimal work. Er you quit at level 15? When do the quests get more interesting than “clear out these pests” or “deliver these items”. - Page 2. Might I suggest WoW? I'm trying to push through it cuz people keep telling me its the best game around, but i'm losing my patience. My goodness. Source: came from WoW. It does get better as you level up, and leveling up is quicker now that Stormblood is out. It does get better, though. Garuda is the "tipping point" when the game stops being boring and the plot gets interesting. If the summary intrigues you, then slow down and read the next dialogue. WoW has 1.5s GCD, FFXIV has 2.5s. At the end of the game, it still comes down to raiding, crafting, dungeons, pvp, and events. Just be patient and push through, your patience will be greatly rewarded. but please read the dialog, latter there will be a lot more voice acting than on early levels dont mworry 30 is when it gets better imo but like most are saying 50+ also depends on the job youre playing and what you like. I'm on lvl 18 now. I'm still waiting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With it's Mudra system (quick input to make different ninjutsus) and numerous off-GCD, I think it's also quite fast-paced. Since there's a lot of salt in some of these comments, I'll throw my own two cents in here. In WoW, the class you start with is the class you hit max level with. To be fair the game hooked me from the start a few years ago, purely because it was a brand new world. Elvie. Don't spend money on a game and/or sub that you don't enjoy or aren't going to play. How long does it take for the story to pick up pace a bit and how often are cutscenes voice acted? A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. You won't be missing out on doing something like you might in WoW. Maybe you're into crafting or pvp. . Is it really that bad? Leveling was the most infuriating, slow, annoying, drawn out, patronizing experience I've had in a game, and only stayed bc best friend and gf were into it and I wanted a fun game to play with them. Are Professions actually worth it in this game? But until 5.3 releases we're still talking about ARR being a 30-50 hour endavour unless you literally bum rush it. I’ve been playing more and I’ve started falling in love with the game. The combat feeling slow is coming from the difference in global cooldown. I prefer single player jrpgs over all other genres, and played this like one. Personally, the game started getting fun at around 30ish, when skills start getting more varied and when dungeons start getting more difficult/complicated. Hello everyone. They don’t need to be voice acted for me to enjoy the game but I’m curious.