Like many of their competitors, Volvic water also participates in the NSF Bottled Water Certification program (1). Two bottling plants produce over one billion bottles of water annually and are the principal employers of the local Volvic commune. They are committed to continually looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Since 2008, Volvic is certified ISO 14001 for its environmental management. Volvic supports the studio by participating in their events. Experience the treasure of the volcano. Volvic water is created by rainwater that seeps very slowly underground through 6 porous layers of volcanic rocks. Available around the world since 1958, Volvic is a top selling brand in France, Germany, UK, Japan, and Ireland, and is part of the Danone Group. Compared to your tap water, Volvic is likely a pure and healthy alternative but compared to other bottled water brands you can probably find better options out there. Volvic Natural Spring Water comes from one of the biggest and oldest preserved ecosystems in Europe: the Volcanoes Regional Natural Park of Auvergne. Volvic water wants to, not only make their water bottles safe for you to drink from, but also do their part in reducing the amount of plastic waste. If you find it more convenient, you can also purchase their water online through They are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off. The water comes from rainfall and snow melt that filters through layers of volcanic rock and collects in an underground spring over 90 meters below the surface. The water is conveyed to the plant through a stainless steel pipeline where it is bottled immediately without any exterior contact. Volvic water lists three different partners on their website: Whole Planet Foundation, Kaufman Music Center, and Caravan Stylist Studio. Volvic Water Test Results. Since 1993, the Volvic Company has been part of the Danone Group. As a result of their effort to reduce plastic waste, they were able to reduce the amount of plastic weight in their bottles by 6.5% between 2008 and 2012. Distributor of Choice for North America: Volvic is distributed in North America by Brands Within Reach, LLC. With respect to the environment, the company enlists the services of expert hydrogeologists to determine the annual sales quantities that Volvic will bottle. Our Volvic bottles are clearly labeled on the bottom “#1” with the PET recycling code. Our bottles and caps are made of PET and therefore are 100% recyclable. Our stated goal is to establish and to support differentiated brands that contribute to healthy living, by focusing on the product differentiation, distribution ubiquity and consumer loyalty. As a part of this commitment, Volvic water became certified in 2008 as ISO 14001. The entire bottling system of the Volvic plant has been designed and fully automated to preserve the water’s natural qualities. Countless checks ensure Volvic always remains as pure as nature intended. Volvic Natural Spring Water comes from one of the biggest and oldest preserved ecosystems in Europe: the Volcanoes Regional Natural Park of Auvergne. With this systematic approach, Volvic has reduced its carbon footprint by 40% since 2008. Unlike some of the other bottled artesian waters we have looked at, Volvic water has a rather low pH level of 7 (1). When we tested Volvic bottled spring water, we found out, that the TDS level in the water was 109 and the pH was around 7. Volvic is distributed in North America by Brands Within Reach, LLC More information is available at Volvic water begins as rain and snow that falls on an ancient, dormant volcanic park in central France. If you do not allow these cookies, you will experience less targeted advertising. Volvic water is regularly inspected and certified by the French Public Health Ministry which follows the World Health Organization guidelines for bottled water. For more information please read the cookie statement. As the water flows through 6 different porous layers of volcanic rock, it is filtered and collects natural minerals. Expert hydrogeologists determine the annual sales quantities that Volvic will bottle. If you are interested in trying Volvic water for yourself, you can find Volvic water a variety of retail stores including: Rainbow, Draeger’s Market, Grassroots, Dean’s Natural Foods, Garden of Eden Marketplace, Whole Foods Market, Publix, The Fresh Market, and Fred Meyer. If you are searching for an alkaline bottled water this isn’t the bottled water brand for you. The Volvic bottling system is entirely automated to ensure that the water maintains its natural qualities and is not contaminated by outside sources. The water contains 12 mg/L of Calcium, 9 mg/L of Sulfates, 6 mg/L of Potassium, 74 mg/L of Bicarbonates, 32 mg/L of Silica, and 15 mg/L of Chlorides. Since its creation in 1958, The Volvic Company has expanded continuously to become one of the most dynamic companies in its sector. The Clairvic spring is surrounded by protected land within the Volcanoes Regional Natural Park of Auvergne providing an element of purity to the water. Because the Volvic catchment area is uniquely rich, Société des Eaux de Volvic is strongly committed to preserving this incredible natural heritage, including the 38-km2 area where Volvic natural mineral water originates. At the base of the Puy de la Nugère, Volvic water is created by rainwater that slowly seeps underground through porous layers of puzzolana and fissured lava down to the impermeable granite bed on the old valley bottom. The Volvic Quality Laboratory collects samples and performs analyses throughout the bottling process to ensure that every bottle of Volvic water retains the original characteristics and purity of the water. Volvic actively favors the use of clean transport such as rail from the bottling plant to the nearest port versus road transportation. The spring is located within one of the oldest and biggest preserved ecosystems in Europe, Volcanoes Regional Natural Park of Auvergne. If you do not allow these cookies, some or all of these services may not function properly. Sustainability At Volvic we are reducing our impact with rPET. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services (setting your privacy preferences, logging in, filling in forms, etc.).