The Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 846–893, is a collection of two sets of preludes and fugues in all 24 major and minor keys, composed for solo keyboard by Johann Sebastian Bach. 2 Some Preludes are easy… 12 Choral Preludes on Gregorian Chants for Organ—Jeanne Demessieux (Warner Bros) Rejoice in God’s Saints—D. on Step 1. You can see that each piece is a bit more difficult than the one before...which is really the point. 4 Preludio, BWV 846 6. 8 *#129139 - 0.18MB, 6 (#32-37) pp. 10 0.0/10 10 4 Wait..didn't we start with Prelude in C by Bach? 8 It has an easy Key signature, although more complicated than the previous ones. 6 As we challenge ourselves to learn new things, we'll be able to play a lot more of the music we want to play! In the video at the end of this lesson, you'll find links to each of these pieces so you can download the actual sheet music for them and have them in your repertoire. Because the style is so similar to Bach, it offers the same technical work that will develop your skills just as if you were playing Bach. 10 All that will change will be the notes. There are several reasons why this piece is great for beginners: In this piece, the left-hand plays the very bottom note and the note right above that one...C&E in the 1st measure, and then C&D in the 2nd measure. 8 42 Little Keyboard Preludes Alt ernative. Some of the easier fugues in Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier are: No. 10 Bach -- 18 Short Preludes: Book & CD (Alfred Masterwork CD Edition) by Johann Sebastian Bach , Willard A. Palmer , et al. 2 It also utilizes the new skills we've learned in the previous 2 pieces. -  So there is not always any real musical connection between a Prelude and Fugue. (-) - !N/!N/!N - 19268×⇩ - editor, 3 Preludes in C minor: BWV 934, BWV 999, BWV BWV 847a Musette in D Major is such a fun piece! 4 It's commonly thought to be a piece written by Bach, but actually it was written in the style of Bach by a composer named Christian Petzold. 0.0/10 *#129135 - 0.16MB, 5 (#11-15) pp. Little Preludes and Fugues Alt ernative. Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye! D Major has 2 sharps in it...F# & C#. Share it with us! (-) - !N/!N/!N - 13088×⇩ - editor, 3 Preludes in G major/minor: BWV 902a, 902, 930 In a way, this most simple and beautiful of Bach preludes is also one of the most accessible and easy to learn. Præludium, BWV 924a 3. Bach (Yale/Barenreiter). *#129133 - 0.11MB, 2 (#9-10) pp. Now let's look at the next piece that I recommend. Step 1: 1st Piece - Prelude in C. The Prelude in C is really one of the best Bach pieces to start with when you're ready to start playing some classical music. 0.0/10 The modern German spelling for the collection is Das wohltemperierte … Yes...and we're going to end with another Prelude in C but this time it's by a composer named Johann Peter Kellner. 10 No. Every piano student gets excited about playing their first piece because it's a little more fun and interesting than when we're learning notes, counting, and where our notes are on our keyboards. It's on this list because again, it is in the style of Bach, just like the 2nd piece is, so it offers the same benefits and is really a neat piece to play. The Key signature is easy, the rhythms are easy and the hand and finger patterns aren't too difficult. -  Select a Product 4 0.0/10 Title Composer Bach, Johann Sebastian: I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. This is great because you can play them with me as well in the video in step 5. All of these are constant throughout the piece and they challenge the player without being too difficult to learn. It is apparently a true fact that Bach sometimes plugged in a pre-existing piece just to fill the 48 spaces and also sometimes transposed that piece into the needed key. It has an easy Key Signature to play - C Major, which has no sharps or flats, It has easy rhythms to play and understand so you won't be overwhelmed with anything too complex. Piano solo / Easy / 1 PDF / MIDI (1) Added the 05-15-2007 • ... Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude Fugue and Allegro, BWV 998 with TAB Stave for Solo Classical Guitar Guitar notes and tablatures Classical guitar [Sheet music] Savage Classical Guitar Transcriptions. Download and Print top quality Prelude I - Book I sheet music for piano solo (or harpsichord) by Johann Sebastian Bach with Mp3 and MIDI files. 10 Title arranged in progressive order Composer Bach, Johann Sebastian: I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. These preludes were meant to serve as lessons on the piano, and can still serve a similar purpose to us some 300 years later. $11.99 - See more - Buy online • Page visited 77,367 times • Powered by MediaWiki 10 The easiest little preludes are: Little Prelude in C major, BWV 939 (Henle 1/2, RCM grade 5) Little Prelude in C minor, BWV 934 … *#129137 - 0.13MB, 4 (#26-29) pp. -  -  It is not so difficult to be overwhelming but difficult enough to challenge and develop new skills and understanding of music. If you haven't been listening/watching the video while going through this lesson, take a minute or two to watch it now as I'll play samples of each of these pieces, you'll find links for downloads of the sheet music for all of them, and I'll talk about some courses that can help you learn Bach and other composers easily.