Meaning of Dhruva. Find out below. Yannabhi Sindhu ruha kanchana loka Padma garbhe, Your feet which is the resort of even the most liberated souls. Sethe pumaan swadrug anantha sakhasthadhanke, Shakti Peethas Diverse when it burns in different pieces of wood. Thus by sheer devotion, Dhruva finally attained a place, from where he could never be pushed away! Would you like to add a information. In fact Dhruva loved his brother so much, that once he almost destroyed all the yakshas [Kubera's men] because they had hurt Uttama. Is Dhruva name fit for baby name ? Dhruva was the elder son and in those days it was customary to crown the elder son as the king. Sougandha lubdha hrudayeshu krutha prasangaa. Later, he himself totally cut his consciousness of the outer world. Mahabharata He enjoyed the process of meditation and thinking of the lord each and every second. Send us will publish. Till then Dhruva is requested by the lord to rule the kingdom keeping all his subjects happy and see that they face no trouble. (right-side chat box appearing with Red header.)] Spirituality & Beliefs Dhruva is the story of a small boy mentioned in the Vishnu Purana. भक्तो और महात्माओंके चरित्र मनन करनेसे हृदयमे पवित्र भावोंकी स्फूर्ति होती है ।. In the first month of his penance, Dhruva used to eat the fruits he used to get. Oh birth less one , I only know the great form of yours, 4.Noonam vimushta mathya sthava maayaya they, Dhruva told him his whole story. And I bow to you in salutation ,Oh my Lord. You are always liberated , pure and all-knowing soul, Chat directly with admin !! Lord Vishnu also guaranteed that after leading the life of a human being, Dhruva shall continue to exist in the form of a nakshatra(star) even after his life on Earth comes to an end. Harshul, Why dark has to mean evil? (Hinduism) A Puranic child sage who become the pole star. Peace is his goal. Send us will publish it for you. Dhruva as the Pole star, a Pahari painting by Manaku c. 1740. Also see the lists of names of Hindu, Indian (Sanskrit), or Sanskrit origins. Sunithi was angry that the king had kept quiet when Surichi had done pushed her son, but she knew that she could not do anything to help her son. 'Mother I do not want to be Queen Surichi's son. Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. Ancient Indian Literature Dhruva or Dhruv (Sanskrit: ध्रुव, meaning unshakeable, immovable, or fixed) was a notable devotee of Vishnu mentioned in the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata Purana. Indra sent monsters to attack the child. (If you know more meanings of the name and you would like to contribute click here to submit another name meaning). Queen Sunithi came forward and kissed her son once more, 'You already have made me proud...'. What is the most accurate origin of the name. dark complexion is associated with krishna manifestation of vishnu. This hence was known as Dhruva Stuti. The child was so happy that he could not get words out of his mouth. The first thing you should know if you are considering Dhruva for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Dhruva is a boy name. 9.Kalpantha yethad akhilam Jatarena graham, Random Dhruva Factoid: According to the 2011 U.S. Social Security Administration data, the first name Dhruva is not a popular baby boy's name in California. Thus creating and entering in to the diverse forms, 5.Taa nivruthis thanu abhrathaam thava pada pathma, You are immutable and primeval person, the god , The cause of this universe which is indivisible, Meaning of Dhruva Name , Dhruva name definition, origin of Dhruva name, What Does Dhruva Mean and History? The opposite (setara) of dhruva is adhruva(transitory).—The knowledge which doe… 10 Is there Dhruva name in the Bible/Torah/Quran. His only thought was Narayana and the only words coming out were “OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VASUDEVAYA!!”. Dhruva or Dhruv (Sanskrit: ध र व, meaning unshakeable, immovable, or fixed) was a notable devotee of Vishnu mentioned in the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata Purana. By becoming intoxicated by hearing your nectar like stories. Manu [Who was rescued by Lord Vishnu in his Matsya Avatar] had many children. And consisting of the gross as well as the subtle, The name Dhruva is in the following categories: Hindi Names, Hindu Names, Indian Names, Mythological Names, Sanskrit Names. Katyayani Mantra At the end of the eons at the time of the deluge, Suniti was the first wife of Uttanapada while Suruchi was the second wife of the king. Finally the earth and the heavens were able to take it any more...Dhruva's penance was literally burning it up...The Gods all went to Lord Vishnu and asked him to meet the child. Dhruva was merely six and had no personal desire. Ask us!! What year had the most people named Dhruva born? The meaning of Dhruva is “Constant”. Dhruva went to an extent of sipping water once in 9 days. However from the second month onwards he slowly gave that up. Navel rises the golden lotus from which Lord Brahma comes out., Finally looking at the devotion of the small boy, Lord Vishnu was pleased by the penance, meditation and devotion of the young boy and he decided to please Dhruva by satisfying his desire. The Queen was also lying unhappily at what she had done...She should have treated Dhruva as her own son, but instead she had sent a child away to the forest...She could not forgive herself... Sage Narada told the king that Dhruva was a special child and that he would come back only with the blessings of the Lord. Rudrakshas, --------------- Goddess Durga Temples By the fifth month of his penance Dhruva had given up food and water. Darker blue on the map indicates that people in the country are more likely to search for this name. 1) Birth and childhood. Surya Mantra You appear as many , like the fire appearing, Indra took up the form of Queen Sunithi and went to Dhruva and talked to him about giving up his penance. Dhruva was a very good king and the people of the kingdom rejoiced. 12.Sathya seersho hi Bhagwan sthava Pada Padma, Read our baby name articles for useful tips regarding baby names and naming your baby. Oh God who is the personification of truth , the worshipping, Submit the origin and/or meaning of Dhruva to us below. Meaning of Dhruva Name, Dhruva name definition, origin of Dhruva name, What Does Dhruva Mean and History?Popularity of name Dhruva, Is there name in the Bible/Torah/Quran? Dhruva started to enquire even various animals about the presence of Narayana. Under her influence and taking advantage of the love the king had towards her beauty, she ordered Suniti and Dhruva to stay away from the king and banished them from the palace. Looking at the child he realized that the child was very serious about doing what he had said. Though you are the one who by use of the power of the soul., Looking at the disheveled face of the normally cheerful Dhruva, Sunithi was alarmed. So, Narada insisted Dhruva to return back to his mother but Dhruva upon hearing Narada’s words became more hesitant and determined to meet the Lord. Narada was moved when he heard the story. However nothing happened to the child. The meaning of Dhruva is “Constant”. Uttanapada was often partial to Surichi and this made Surichi even more arrogant. She was struck and no words were coming out. 'Where are you going, child? The Dark Lord said gently. Dhruva nodded. Thasyapa vargya saranam thava pada moolam Hindu Calendar Required fields are marked *. Can't I sit on my father's lap? Saraswati Mantra Uttanapada had two wives namely Suniti and Suruchi. Being immersed in penance, Dhruva even forgot the objective of his penance and just asked for a life in the memory of the Lord himself from the Lord. Oh Lord from whose navel a lotus flower had grown, Seesthadhaanu bhajatha purushartha moorthe, My Account She then explains that reaching out to the lord is not an easy task and one has to do austerity and penance for several years and years and explained Dhruva that is how various sages were gifted the presence of almighty due to their intense devotion physically and mentally. Durga Mantra 6.Bhakthim muhu pravaha thathaam thwayi may prasango, Tamil Panchang However Surichi saw this and became very angry. Can you say is there a meaning for Dhruva denoting Lord shiva?? Why is Lord Krishna and Lord Rama Blue in Color? ', Dhruva bowed to Sage Narada, 'Sir!