Doctor Who: Creepiest Rhymes by AiLove13. The TARDIS. Yep, that is me at times, I am secretly glad I don’t have a bed with space under it for the monsters. Just over 50 years later (in our timeline of course) Clara Oswald would say much the same words to a frightened young boy. Clara is forced to fly the TARDIS again to escape while the Doctor is laid out cold from a blow to the head. We know that in a hundred years Clara’s story has lived on through her descendants. Another memorable moment The Doctor goes to see where and when they are, but Clara tells him not to investigate. This is the silence at the end of time. One has a smile one has teeth. First, there is young Rupert Pink. London, 2010sGloucester, 1990sUnnamed planet, end of the universeThe barn, Gallifrey Writer: Or, rather than face it, they turn their back on it. He makes them promise that they will never look. They approach the boy and the woman tells him that he can come inside any time he pleases, and she will leave the latch on the door whenever he is ready. (TV: Bad Wolf), The Twelfth Doctor recited a nursery rhyme while on the last planet at the end of the universe. The Stolen Perth: An Australian city get kidnapped. We get a glimpse of the War Doctor carrying the Moment towards the same barn centuries layer “and on that day you’re going to be very afraid indeed. Orson Pink is too terrified to even spend another night on the last planet. Five British Sweet Things The Twelfth Doctor Could Carry In His Pocket, Choose your provider to watch Live TV & Full Episodes. We’re confronted with a bleak and chilling landscape, blanketed in a thick and suffocating silence. And what now shall we play? The Doctor is the second Time Lord, not including the children in, Samuel Anderson appears as both Danny and Orson Pink, but was credited only as 'Danny Pink' both on-screen and in, The barn in which the young Doctor seeks shelter is the same one the, By removing the safeguards, the TARDIS goes farther forward in time than it normally would. The man does not understand why the boy does not want to sleep inside, but the woman says that he does not want the other boys to know that he is crying. I loved the dialogue and the obscure historical references. Moffatt has like two tricks, and he's beaten them to death. He gave all he could give her We are given the impression that Clara Oswald is evolving into one of the most important companions in Doctor Who. Tick tock goes the clock Douglas Mackinnon Whats that footstep following? This rhyme is still popular among the children, and is used in many preschools and schools. So, when Richard Lazarus starts creeping Tish Jones out with these lines: 245 Looking at the chalkboard, he sees the word “LISTEN”... Clara Oswald is returning home from her date with Danny Pink, obviously distraught. Five Regenerations That Never Happened Tick tock, goes the clock He cradled and he rocked her The Doctor Is Dead, Long Live The Doctor! Doctor: I loved Robot of Sherwood! Although it’s by no means as creepy as the next poem on our list: “Night Terrors” When he says that his name is Danny Pink and says that it is a stupid last name she tells him that she likes the last name. Fan Mail, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. This is nothing new. The Doctor insists that she not break her concentration and throws her phone aside. A society that rides around on the back of a star whale will probably have its own nursery rhymes, and so it transpires for the remnants of England. The Doctor connects her to the TARDIS telepathic circuits and asks that she concentrates on the time she had the dream. Key crew This is Clara’s story as well as the Doctor’s. Companion(s): Outside, this prompts the boy to ask who is out there and step off the bed. And, as the Doctor tells young Rupert: the deep and lovely dark. Our Neil is still shouting at me for enjoying it too of course…. I love that we didn’t see anything as well. Upset, she goes inside as the Doctor waits for the creatures to come in. For once you’ve heard the Whisper Men, they’ll stop and look at you. While travelling back to her time she hugs the Doctor, who protests. There are two basic uses for poetry in the middle of Doctor Who. Featuring: She states that it was a family heirloom to which he simply responds "Yeah.". And then there are the rhyming couplets they hiss at pertinent points, as the Doctor prepares to wander through the wreckage of his own TARDIS: The trap is set for the Doctor’s friends. Original theme music by Ron Grainer  A nursery rhyme was a traditional children's song. I loved it, especially in the normally silent hours of the early morning at 4.30am when I was alone. And all the years they fly. I've searched it online, and only found Doctor Who links, so I guess it was made up for the show, right? We've had like 5 since he started, it's getting old. Dan, the soldier man.” Rupert asks Clara if she will read him a story to help him sleep, to which the Doctor walks forward and begins "Once upon a time..." before placing a finger on Rupert's head and rendering him unconscious, saying "The end". In “Closing Time” and “The Wedding of River Song” the rhyme was remixed and given fresh twists, whether by Madame Kovarian: Tick tock, goes the clock He asks Orson where Clara is and calls out her name. We must not buy their fruits: The Doctor wants to trace the exact moment in her timeline when she had the nightmare, but fresh off a disastrous first date with Danny and distracted by her phone ringing, Clara inadvertently takes the TARDIS back to a children’s home in Gloucester, and a young Rupert Pink. She believes that this fixation stems from the fact that maybe the Doctor does not want to admit that he is afraid of the dark. Young Rupert will never remember Clara, yet a furious older Danny Pink as he tells Clara off for assuming soldiers are nothing but killing machines. The Doctor uses his psychic paper to play himself off as an inspector, which comes across as odd as it is 2:00 a.m. Danny, First Doctor This episode also marked the first appearance of Gallifrey since The Day of the Doctor and the first non-archival appearance of the First Doctor on television since The Five Doctors in 1983, with glimpses of him as a young boy before he left Gallifrey. I believe Doctor Who just used a shorter version of this poem. The clock is striking twelve’s. In fact, For the purposes of this list, "Series 4" is considered to be the. ← Previous Vote. That one is a real nursery rhyme. (, Clara's words "fear makes companions of us all" is a phrase the Doctor would say to, The Twelfth Doctor states that there is nothing to hear, "not a click or a tick", something previously stated by the, When Clara asks if it would be dangerous for her to meet her younger self, the Doctor tells her it would be, The First Doctor sleeps alone in the barn, echoing the, The Eleventh Doctor once said it was good to be scared in dangerous situations. (AUDIO: Seasons of Fear, Neverland, Zagreus), In the Death Zone, the Second Doctor recalled an old nursery rhyme about the Dark Tower which described the different ways to enter it.