Click Mark as Helpful Answer or use Kudos to say thanks, on Thanks for letting us know and sorry you're still struggling with this. Calendar is not showing on the Welcome screen or message "Appointments of date (account policy)" is being displayed. The Surface Hub Hardware Diagnostic tool contains interactive tests which allow you to confirm essential functionality of your Hub is working as expected. There was no SIP address entry in Active Directory or Azure AD. The domain provided couldn't be found. Not receiving automatic accept/decline messages. its not about privacy, its about people using your wifi. The Setup troubleshooting section contains a listing of on-device problems, along with several types of issues that may be encountered during the first-run experience. The Status will say disconnected if there's currently no working internet/PPPoE configuration settings on the modem. The Exchange server requires a certificate. It will be shown in the diagnostic data if you force an interactive sync, delete the account, or update its settings. Have you read our Digital life blog yet? Import the appropriate EAS certificate on the Surface Hub. can I turn off the WPS or change the WPS pass word to something harder to guess, I never looked into this before, but a quite google search found this issue with many routers since 2012. In addition to testing hardware, the diagnostic can test the resource account to verify that it is configured properly for your environment. Possible fixes for issues with Surface Hub first-run program. This just reinforces the idea that I have to get rid of that crap asap. Calendar is not showing on the Welcome screen, or message "Appointments of date (no account provisioned)" is being displayed. Open the Ignite WiFi app or visit the Ignite WiFi Hub page; Sign in using your MyRogers credentials. Quebec, In our ongoing efforts to improve our support section, your opinion is invaluable. Right? - edited Hello, I would need some way to bypass the access control on my home network, the modem is Home Hub 2000. 15:35. Also see Password management. save hide report. Cable customer since 1993. Couldn't find the provided Exchange server. The Exchange server provided could not be found. Problem not solved. Go talk to the admin. If you were successful, could you post your firmware version so I can double check it with mine, pls? The settings password is used to log in to your Hub online and is usually a number. 17:36. ‎21-04-2018 I've spent hours looking, and all I have found is the default password, which does not work. It's simple all wirelles network as a signal... And btw I don't recommend trying to hack or "backdoor", [Caps] Customer for 14 years, no cap issues until new modem/router, Backdoors and surveillance mechanisms in iOS devices; Data dumping services. 10 character upper/lower case password retrieved within a second of running the command. Steps to follow: 8. New around here? Tom Wheeler On Biden's Telecom Ambitions; Dish Inks Huge Crown Castle 5G Tower Deal; + more news, Digital Redlining: ISPs Widening The Digital Divide; T-Mobile vs. We are in no way affiliated with, endorsed or sanctioned by Bell Canada. The administrator login box will now show you the address it will email your passwords to. If not, you can enter the SIP address manually into the text box. Verify the server name to make sure it is correct. Ensure that you have a working network or Internet connection, and that the Exchange server you provided is correct. If you’re working with a router for which you don’t know the password, you’ll need to reset the router to use its default settings, and then find out what those default credentials are. In UncategorizedThe WiFi WPS vulnerability has been known for over a year so it hardly qualifies as news. Confirmed! Choose "No" because the Bell password recovery would only work for a Bell DSL customer. If you notice a rogue device, boot them off your router. If you supply -p 1234567 to reaver or bully, it will automatically compute the last digit, 0, and recover the password. I literally got installed yesterday and as good security practice changed the modem password. I was even caught out by this one! Oh, right. If the password and email address have been set, the display will indicate that the settings have been sent by email or text. Bell Home Hub 2000: Backdoor Security vulnerability, 8.8% Of US Broadband Subs Used 1TB/month+ In Q3; Latency Not Major Deal For Satellite Broadband - HughesNet; + more news, Broadband For Everyone? If the issue persists, re-provision the account. Going to check this on a R7000 with merlin firmware I would assume its not affected. I want to know if I need to change my setup. ‎20-06-2018 I just happened to discover a serious bug with Bell's Home Hub 2000. Select Connect followed by See Network. 50% Upvoted. Unable to find the provided account in Azure AD. Make sure the server name is entered correctly. Type (or in the address bar and then press Enter on your keyboard to access your modem's settings. The password reset button says it is sending password emails to my email and phone, but neither are receiving anything. If you have questions or need help, you can create a support request. Make sure that you have a working network or Internet connection. Update the password and/or deploy the client certificate. SmartRG Modems | TP-Link … The subreddit of Bell Communications, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Canada. The ActiveSync policy PasswordEnabled is set to True (or 1). 16:40, Hi All, I am having the same issue I have tried the settings password number on the bottom of the hub and have tried it after doing the pin hole reset and it is still stating that the password is incorrect. Still just as bad. That's fine if you can't answer in on this subreddit, but do you know where I could ask this question and get an answer?