Fight off the bug on the column and the purple ball enemy that spits projectiles. The blue sphere platforms will have your jumping when necessary to stay on them, even if some of them are perfectly straight. Good grief, the music still reminds me of The System, but after listening to other similar-sounding '80s bands from the same time period as The System, I have reason to believe that somebody was listening to. There are six icons in the room, and there is an extra life in the middle row. Important to each stage is the collection of Magical Jewels and gold bars, the former of which are needed for advancement, and the latter of which can be used to buy items. With help from the Professor, Ronald, Birdie, Grimace, Hamburglar, and the Fry Kids ride a rocket ship to Magical Moon. From here, you'll have to hold onto hooks to get around. Sid & Marty Krofft Television Productions Inc. v. McDonald's Corp. Upon claiming the final part of the map, Ronald, Birdie, and Grimace discover the map showing that the treasure is on Magical Moon. In the next section, be ready to jump when beach balls hit the side of the blue sphere platform so you don't get knocked off. In the next section, there will be a flying robot bottle that drops blue liquid. His attack doesn't do much damage, but it applies jarate and milk and is fast. The third boss looks like a giant mechanical dragon while the boss of level 5 is a bone dragon and players encounter a mentally ill disembodied head at the end of the eleventh level. After I eat it on Expert, it became a breeze for me each tie I played on the same difficulty. He was originally a Freak Fortress 2 boss exclusive to a defunct server known as Sauce Gaming. The gray robots on the ropes will hurt you if they run into you. While known to be an upbeat character, he is portrayed as a psychotic murderer in videos by RackaRacka. The bugs shoot projectiles backwards, and the purple ball enemies can push you back, so get rid of them . Ronald refuses initially, as a way home is more important, but the treasure is exactly that: a way home in the form of a rainbow that teleports everybody back to Earth. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure[a] is a platform video game created by Treasure for the Mega Drive/Genesis. For a game based on fast food, you can’t go wrong with McDonalds Treasureland Adventures. One day, Ronald McDonald was walking in the Magical Forest and found a small piece of paper under a big tree. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Part nostalgia-bomb, part note-taking and part FAQ, what started in GameTrailers as a video game blog is now on Blogger. When he shoots out his pink laser, then enter a door that matches on his level with Up on the Control pad to hit him as he eats the Jewel. The most innovative game play element is the Scarf (A-button), which can stretch out and latch onto a hook, then retract and pull Ronald McDonald quickly to the hook. Slender Fortress ep22 Forgotten tomb Dalek, McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Music: Final Boss,, An eating sound, followed by the slurp of a straw, Sounds of eating and straw slurps when idle. If you don't have enough Magic Jewels, drop down, then go to the right Avoid the green balls that block your path by jumping over (and between) them carefully, and you'll find a store where you can refill your health. The credits roll, then the game thanks you for playing. In this version, Ronald used sounds from RackaRacka's videos, which stuck in the SF2 boss port. Collecting 3 white flowers will grant Ronald a gem, and collecting 2 orange flowers will do the same. This is where your ability to stay on hooks is put to the test, and I love it. When you beat the final boss, he will surrender the treasure. When you see the goal sign, run right. Based on the McDonald's fast food franchise and four of its corporate mascots from McDonaldland (Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace, and Birdie the Early Bird), the game follows the adventures of Ronald McDonald in an attempt to find four pieces of a treasure map, and ultimately, the treasure to which it leads. Slender Fortress 2 Corrupted Woody Testing. This battle can be long, and it is possible to be forced into a corner by the boss if you're not fortunate enough. There will be a store at the end. The controls for McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure are straightforward: B-button to attack, C-button to jump, and Arrow-buttons to move left and right. After an encounter with a pirate with phalange lips for a head, Ronald then finds himself on a sunken pirate ship. Characters. Ronald McDonald, the guy you'll be controlling throughout the adventure, is walking in the woods when he stumbles upon a piece of paper. There is a door at the beginning, but it leads to the Columns game. Be very careful of your surroundings, and make sure that the boss is never on the same level as you. Magic power-ups will increase the damage Ronald's attack will do. Otherwise, the boss will eat away at your health. I wont spoil it, but the ending is disappointing, but at least it doesn't end with a blank screen saying you win. While not intimidating by himself, his Ronald proxies could swarm players. Ronald then ends up in a cave and battles an anthropomorphic tomato that has the second piece of the map. In the next section, there will be orange spiked worms that act as spikes, white mushroom guys that leap towards you, and asteroids that open up in an attempt to eat you. When you beat the final boss, he will surrender the treasure. How Can The Labouring Man Find Time For Self-Culture? Once inside the UFO, you'll be able to explore. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Music: Final Boss: Partners: Proxies Stunnable? You'll then be grabbed by the giant hands of a UFO. You'll find some power-ups, including a continue that is even easier than the one from the blocks section. Watch out for the spherical robot heads with the lips, as they will spit out heart projectiles that can damage you. Enter the mouth at the end and you'll face the final boss. In the next section, take out ay robots, then grab onto the hooks of the fat flying cats to make your way up. The red guys with the flat platform heads will launch you into the air if you either run into them or jump onto them. Ronald then begins his treasure hunt with his part of the map. "Don't Work So Hard," also by Scritti Politti. After claiming the second piece of the map, Ronald boards a circus train bound for Magical Town. In the next section, you'll be holding onto hooks while extending and contracting the scarf with Up and Down on the Control Pad to avoid the shaky gloves.. You'll also be shooting at enemies by pressing B while holding A to stay on the hooks, too. Balloons will prevent Ronald from dying in a bottomless pit, allowing him to float to the top of the screen. While known to be an upbeat character, he is portrayed as a psychotic murderer in videos by RackaRacka. The famous clown mascot of the McDonald's fast food franchise. Eventually, you'll soon be attentive enough to what you are doing as well as what the boss is doing, and you'll be able to stay away from him, get your hits in, and eventually beat this guy. The famous clown mascot of the McDonald's fast food franchise. The next section is auto-scrolling, and the music is faster. After beating the alien in charge of the spaceship, Ronald explains that they are not after the treasure but somewhere to fix their rocket ship. McBoss (McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure: Final Boss) by GaMetal, released 01 May 2016 The side-scrolling platformer consists of four stages: Magical Forest, Magical Town, Magical Sea, and Magical Moon. No, not Charlie Sheen - it's time to take on the role of burger-shifter and face-painted nightmare beacon Ronald McDonald in the 1993 Megadrive / Genesis golden-arches-em-up McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Most people scoff at the idea of a video game based around McDonald's, however this game was produced by Treasure, the same company that made the games Dynamite Headdy, Wario World, and Mischief Makers. You've not only beaten the game, but probably one of the best games to ever use the McDonalds trademark!