3) How do you determine which heat setting to use? I want to attempt making shatter with a hair straightener. Submitted multiple claims with no response. I am trying to decide between the Pax 2, the Alfa, and the CFV vaporizers. Beware there are no returns. Dumbass! the same amount of product in the volcano and it’s a completely different experience. The three major points to this method are as follows: #1 - You need to grind your material up very finely. i know i should more but i works fine still. Dont ruin it for others bc you dont know how to use it. In this case that’s not true. Black Friday Deals Are Live Now - Shop Bong Deals. just stumbled on your site. Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. To answer your question, all 3 of those vapes produce excellent quality vapor, they’re the best of the best. Le Pax 2 propose 4 températures différentes : de 180 à 215°C. This is ideal because the flavor lasts longer … I think you may end up using and consuming more material (due to oven size) when compared to combustion, but it is a cleaner experience. Great review as always. Why do we have to spend this much money for accessories on top of the money already flushed down the toilet. I have yet to find a vaporizer that doesn’t smell. After your unit cools off for a few minutes it still has a strong smell? (Portability doesn’t matter). their poor customer service is not even in the same galaxy as MFLB’s. Thanks to the way the Pax heats the dry herb in its chamber, you won’t have to worry about any potent, lingering smells. There are 4 temperature settings with this one – levels 2 and 3 seem to provide the best experience in my opinion and at these temps the vapor never really gets harsh unless you draw longer than about 8 seconds. the ability to session multiple times safely is crucial……. The off and on button slowly gets harder to push with age, and finally after using them a lot, 10 months worth I can no longer turn any of them on! PS I JUST WENT TO THEIR SITE AND OPENED A CHAT TO REPAIR MINE AGAIN AS I DROPPED IT AND THE CHARGING PIECE BROKE. if you take the time ti verify authentic and learn to use it properly, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The oven size of the original is a tiny bit larger, holds roughly 0.4g versus 0.3g in the new one. Thank you! I kinda like the smell that comes off the oven too, in fact I love it almost as much as vaping! Please help me not completely regret spending this $280! Try taking your Volcano out in public like the stealthy Pax2 can be taken. I fully charged it on Saturday when I first got it. Your smoking out the car n I only get 3 baby hits off a full bowl I’m so disappointed n both this one per your review, hardly any vapor if not packed correctly. When vapor’s gone, hit setting 4 til vapors gone again. Then when it detects your lips on the mouthpiece it quickly heats the oven back up to the set temp to replenish the heat and produce a more consistent draw over a wide range of usage. The PAX 2 vaporizer is the second generation of one of the best-selling portable vapes of all time, the original PAX (the black one in my pics). They’re on two different levels – the Crafty is like a BMW and the PAX is like an Acura or something like that. Have you checked out the pax pusher? I have the vapium summit and I really like it. I don’t even want to put anymore product in it because I don’t want to ruin/waste more. Don’t want to keep burning them out if they can’t handle it. I think the taste of the Firefly vapor is superb but the Crafty produces the strongest or most potent vapor of any portable I’ve reviewed. puff … The PAX 2 is somewhere in the middle – above average flavor, vapor production and potency, and certainly very discreet, just not quite top-shelf quality overall. Take slow and long draws. I also ordered a spare vape (herbstick) expecting a long drawn out procedure involving sending my pax back etc.. When you said vapor strength did you mean visibility or harshness, Good question, when I say ‘strength’ I’m mainly talking about the potency of the vapor, or in other words the intensity of the end results :), I only vape at home but not sure what’s better to get. I’ve explained myself over and over and they just tell me the device is working properly. Try cleaning it often and lubricating the mouthpiece. Awesome!!! ;). Hey bud, another sterling review! tried over a week to get help from pax they will not help. Now it has amazingly easy airflow. I have tried to clean the underside of the mouthpiece and the inside of the top chamber. May be it because I have only tried it with the peppermint that I received in the package? Though you can smell the vapor it emits, it isn’t overly potent and won’t linger for long. Interesting, I dropped mine and the tech told me via chat they can’t help me with accidental damage…. My Pax 2 battery is only good for One session after 24 months of light use. Makes a world of difference. You don’t HAVE to vape it all in one shot but the experience and performance is best when you do. It’s important to pay a little more attention to the oven area of the Pax 2. Any idiot could see that. How much better it’s it? There is a storage (not authorized from Pax) that fix these stuffs here, but in my case, they said that the resistence coil is failed and I might have to change. More importantly, you still need to clean the oven & screen regularly to keep it in tip top shape, which I was hoping wouldn’t be a concern anymore. The charger is a piece of junk. Et cela évite que les herbes ne continuent à vaporiser entre chaque puff. Now he has gone almost a week without using an open flame and I couldn't be more proud. Are they something that need replacement on a regular basis or are they washable? I purchased direct from ploom. Hey Bud, love your reviews man, you seem really educated om vaping and I can tell you want consumers to get the most foe their money. On imagine qu’il faudra faire attention aux rayures, mais le nôtre, qu’on a pas mal trimbalé, s’en sort très bien pour l’instant. To save you time, I’ll post that comment here: Hey Sebastian thanks a ton for posting I really appreciate it! Dude, Sebastian – your “questions” are way too numerous and long for him to answer. Can you recommend any dry herb vape with a very small oven? Awesome Kari great choice, let me know how you like it! There’s a reddit post where somebody else has run into something like this. I brought the unit to a family members house over Easter and that was the first thing he commented on. Beginner. It’s actually a really useful feature!