Fret Count: 24 Maple or Pau Ferro It’s made in Germany and comes with a Brid’s Eye Maple neck. There are a total of 24 frets, with a fretboard radius of 20’’. Country of Origin: Indonesia. This is an excellent choice for a 5 string Headless Bass Guitar. Not to mention how groovy you can get with bass techniques like thumbing, while at the same time being able to express a wide range of harmonic content. The pickups and playability are not fantastic, but decent for the price range. Key Specs and Features: This American ZA6 Kiesel Zeus Headless has beautiful specs, where the body is made out of Mahogany with a spruce top. Key Specs and Features: The Rick Toone USM-PRO electric guitar, features a pickup configuration of OEM Custom DiMarzio Pickups, with a Patented Intonation Cantilever Bridge. My Review: I like the design of this guitar and overall looks. Fret Count: 24 stainless steel medium-jumbo, .103 wide X .048 tall It has 24 jumbo frets with a 20” radius and a 25″–25.5″ multi-scale fingerboard. JAMMY MIDI Guitar (Best MIDI Headless Guitar), 8. It’s really advantageous to be able to play it with such commodity and there aren’t many brands out there offering this level of comfort and sound, for an acoustic electric guitar. Home » Guitars » 17 Best Headless Guitars in 2020 (All Price Ranges). Frets: Highly durable stainless steel frets Key Specs and Features: This amazing 8 string Strandberg Boden Original electric guitar features a Swamp Ash body, with a Roasted Maple neck built in Indonesia. The main difference between them is the ‘flavor’. The bridge is an EGS pro 4 tremolo with strings lock and, despite all the electronics, it weighs only just above 5 pounds. #Repost @pgcustomguitars with @, It’s business as usual! Bridge: Tremolo-6 strings- chrome Fret Count: 24 Stainless Steel frets Allan came to visit the new Escondido factory, and tried out a Vader with the new tremolo, and decided he wanted that on his signature model.”. Target Customer: Modern progressive metal, metal, and jazz players. I found a fantastic video of him talking about and playing his Kiesel Signature Models. I don't know about the new Kiesel/Hipshot headless tremolos, but the Steinberger and JCustom (which is what Kiesel used to use) headless tremolo systems both have that feature built in. Because they don’t use a preamp, passive pickups tend to render a slightly different, more interesting tone. There is such a thing as a left handed B Bender. Body Material: Swamp Ash with 4A Flame Maple top Because maple is more toward middle frequencies, adding that top to the recipe is exactly the last ingredient in realizing a perfect balanced guitar, like my 8 string Strandberg. Pickup Configuration: Strandberg Signature Humbucker Bridge and Two Vintage-Flavored Single-Coil Nickel is generally best If you want to play warmer, smooth melodies. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: Bridge: MR5HS bridge (18mm string spacing) DanMapleSH, Nov 27, 2018 #1. lewis Regular. However the Allan Holdsworth HH2 Signature models were using the JCustom XS Headless Tremolo. The sound is dynamic, balanced and the neck is very fluid and ergonomic. After all, you can always use EQ to compensate. Having the 2 additional strings instantly made me rethink the instrument overall, as they offer completely new possibilities. Originally from the USA, the instrument features an alder body and optional chambering (highly recommended). Recommended. All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. Neck: Hard Maple Strandberg Boden Plini Edition Natural (Best Signature), 5. The main target customer, in this case, would be someone who’s a fan of Allan, but because his music is so unique, there isn’t really a wider category in which to fit the customer target, other than this.