Wild caught tuna in sunflower oil, a quick and easy addition to any salad or vegetable dish. Prep: Use in fried and baked dishes and salad dressings and in heavily spiced dishes. Once opened, place unused contents in a non-metallic container. The addition of carefully selected sunflower oil seals the natural aromas and the nutritional value of tuna giving a unique taste. Store in a cool, dry place. Storage. Usage. Keep refrigerated and eat within 2 days. Skip the croutons, and sprinkle your tuna salad with sunflower kernels. All AYAM™ products contain NO preservatives and NO added MSG. Manufacturer. Sunflower oil recipes Light, neutral and pale yellow in colour, sunflower oil is a very good all-round oil. M&S. Additional Information: Can - widely recycled. Tuna steak in sunflower oil. Can. Other Information. For Best Before End (BBE), see end of can. https://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/easy-tuna-pasta Brand details. Brand. Tuna in sunflower oil (2×160 gr) We carefully select tuna, cleaned and precooked, from selected suppliers. After the quality assurance stage, tuna is placed in the cans. Package Type. The crunchy alternative makes all the difference in this Healthy Living recipe! Ingredients: WILD CAUGHT Tuna (Yellowfin from Western Pacific Ocean or Tonggol from Indian Ocean)* (75%) sunflower oil (19%), water, salt * purse seine catch on free school fish and/or FAD. If you've ever opened your kitchen cabinet only to find a lonely can of Safety Warning: May contain bones.