1996 - Ideas upon the River Maros for violin & guitar * Although historically plausible, these accounts remain largely unconfirmed, as does the claim that the papal contralto Matteo Simonelli first taught him to write in the “Palestrina’s style”. 2019 - I refurbish my first own cello made before 1600 bought 50 years ago. (Juan Lopez-Aguilarte 1980, Granada) DATE to be announced later 8, is in the soundtrack of the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and Corelli's Op. celebrations Corelli died in Rome in possession of a fortune of 120,000 marks and a valuable collection of works of art and fine violins,[18] the only luxury in which he had indulged. C. NEGRI - Bianco Fiore - Sarabande & Bourree 1990-2015 - Tutor at Mitchell Conservatorium Bathurst Georg & Heathcliffe - cello & guitar : Granados - Intermezzo           Fantasy on Jenolan Caves for cello solo * Score Key: E minor (Sounding Pitch) (View more E minor Music for Violin-Cello Duet )Time Signature: 3/4 (View more 3/4 Music)Tempo Marking: ~ = 60 Duration: 7:07: Number of Pages: 4: Difficulty: Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players Nevertheless, his compositions for the instrument mark an epoch in the history of chamber music. Admission by Donation at exit.      2019 - by chance I got hold of a Viola da Gamba. The next step was converting my first own cello back to its original state - the Baroque cello - - 1972-78 - Tertiary studies at "Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik Freiburg / Germany, Bach - Sarabande & Double B minor [9][14], In 1687 Corelli led the festival performances of music for Queen Christina of Sweden. Concert series "Musik in alten Heidekirchen" North Germany For example, the anecdote that Corelli's continental fame stemmed from a trip to Paris at the age of nineteen, where he was chased away by an envious Jean-Baptiste Lully, seems to have originated with Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 6 No. This gap is especially pronounced for his formative years, including his musical education; traditional accounts of a highly idealized childhood have long been debunked. Last I purchased a Renaissance Lute - tuned in the same relation between the strings like the Viola da Gamba,            Satie - Gymnopedie ! 6 No. Wanted to play cello since the age of 4. post. From 1989 Ensemble performances with: Most scores are also available via Sheet Music Plus: For PRIVATE CONCERTS contact: (email) georgcello@hotmail.com East Asia tour, several tours of NSW and Queensland He also teaches cello & guitar in Katoomba, Mudgee and Rylstone. 1976 Diploma majoring in Cello [studying under Marcal Cervera & Christof Henkel] 1973-78 - Concert tours including Sweden, France, Austria, Germany CD "An Album dedicated to the Love of the lower Strings" - cello solo 2017 I. Albeniz - Asturias, Enquiries for PRIVATE CONCERTS welcome the International Congress of the Speleological Society, 1999 - East Asia tour with The Blue Mountains Trio & Paganini Duo Ilford - (Former Uniting - Presbyterian) Church, See our virtual Concert on Youtube !! Medical School Lithgow, _________________ Cassette "The Blue Cassette" Guitar solo 1990 University of Notre Dame [11] Although the nickname Il Bolognese appears on the title-pages of Corelli's first three published sets of works (Opus 1 to 3), the duration of his stay in Bologna remains unclear. Hungarian - Danza Phalese - Passamezzo : Sonata a Quattro, WoO 2 (Rogers, Amsterdam, 1699), op. Teacher of cello & guitar A. TANSMAN - Variations on a theme of Scriabin BACH / GOUNOD - Ave Maria 2 also provided the theme for Sir Michael Tippett's Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli.[20]. (more than 1000 performances, concerts, weddings & events) (made c 1680, probably Austria), J.S. 2009-2018 Cello Method in 2 Volumes, c 100 pieces Heathcliffe Auchinachie - guitar Georg & Heathcliffe - cello & guitar : 2014 - 5 Preludes for the Love of the Sound of the lower strings * # 1999 - Cathedral Ciaconna for cello solo * # - The 1994 - Schubert Sonata for Arpeggione live on air, part of the "20 years of 2 MBS FM"            GLUCK - Dance of the Blessed Spirits & Orfeo's Melody 2003 - Arabian Improvisation * # 1980-84 - Cello & guitar teacher at Kreismusikschule Schleswig-Flensburg, head of TRAINING Ph. His ancestors had been in Fusignano and land-owners there since 1506, when a Corelli moved to the area from Rome. *** 2010 - Variations on Sakura, Sakura for cello solo * # The story has been told and retold that Corelli refused to play a passage that extended to A in altissimo in the overture to Handel's oratorio The Triumph of Time and Truth (premiered in Rome, 1708),[13] and felt seriously offended when the composer (32 years his junior) played the note. Georg & Heathcliffe - cello & guitar : P. CASALS - Song of the Birds (Cant dell Ocells) [citation needed]. post. (In 2000 the publication had been handed over to Carolyn Skinner, who publishes the directory to today), 1993/4 - 2 MBS FM Radio recordings of the complete 6 Suites for cello solo by JS Bach / ἀρχός and μέλος). Ilford - (Former Uniting) Church, Georg Mertens - cello   8 Renaissance Dances for 2 Cellos. [13] It has been said that the paths of all of the famous violinist-composers of 18th-century Italy led to Arcangelo Corelli, who was their "iconic point of reference". Concert series in old village churches of Berlin The ensuing second movement is the emotional heart of the work -- a wounded attempt at a Baroque passacaglia. (made c 1740, probably Italy), C. Saint-Saens - The Swan Heathcliffe Auchinachie, a former resident of Ilford has learned guitar with Georg in Mudgee for 7 and 1/2 years and has received a scholarship to study Classical guitar with Vladimir Gorbach at the Sydney Conservatorium / University of Sydney. plus music from our 2 CELLOS CD ! Violin and Cello. Winbourne String Qartett Bach Lute Suite ! IMPROVISATIONS Bach Suite No 1 - Prelude : Old fashioned CD's  Purchase         2013/14 - Rainforest Recitals R. de Visee - Suite D minor for 2 cellos CD "Cello Favourites" (G Mertens & Gavin Tipping) cello & piano 2008 As a young child, he is said to have been so transfixed by the violin playing of his local priest that he begged for lessons, which were conceded by another priest in the neighbouring town of San Savino, where the boy walked every day, come rain or shine. J. Dowland - Melancholy Galliard (Roosebeck 2019, Pakistan) [9][c] A remark Corelli later made to a patron suggests that his musical education focused mainly on the violin. C. Negri - Bianco Fiore, (2) Baroque Cello He was received in the highest circles of the aristocracy, and for a long time presided at the celebrated Monday concerts in the palace of Cardinal Ottoboni. AUSTRALIA - PERFORMING / TEACHING (now "Nolan on Lovel") CD "Music at Jenolan Caves", cello solo recorded in the Cathedral Chamber 2000 The 'Ray Martin Show', 'The Great Outdoors', 'Sydney Weekender', 'Beyond to explore the instrument groups of cello & guitar, the He was also a favorite of Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni, grandnephew of another Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni, who in 1689 became Pope Alexander VIII. - 1987-89 - Tutor at Coffs Harbour Music Education Centre For example, a portion of the Christmas Concerto, Op. Sanz - Pavanas & Canarios  (watch on youtube) Contemporary documents in the, Most famously, Abbot Cesare Felice Laurenti's late eighteenth century "History of Fusignano" had Corelli born into a family of noble descent.                   Gavotte's I & II         Preludes 1 & 3 Hungarian - Chorea & Corrente   (click to watch on youtube) in the "Rainforest Room" in Jamieson Valley / Blue Mountains (Scenic World), From 2014 - Cello Concerts in historic churches of Western NSW. instruments I studied 45 yrars ago. Corelli composed 48 trio sonatas, 12 violin and continuo sonatas,[21] and 12 concerti grossi.