Dumping your trash slyly on the road? In fact, this trend has divided Gokarna into two parts, one that is for the religious devotee who comes to seek blessings of Shiva, and the other of the carefree tourist looking for some peace and quiet in nature’s lap. Bhagyashri Pawar It has airy rooms and a swimming pool, spa and rooftop restaurant. Those looking for a rejuvenating, quiet vacation can book a stay at this resort. Watch: BBMP’s grand plan: Give Avenue R... Watch: BBMP’s grand plan: Give Avenue Road more leg room. Here are a few places that you can visit to grab a bite. Another temple to include in your itinerary when in Gokarna is a visit to the Bhadrakali Temple that is dedicated to Uma. Dasarahalli MLA is sending out stinkers... Dasarahalli MLA is sending out stinkers to this senior citizen, threatening her of protests since path to a temple is getting ‘blocked’. Bus services are also available from Bangalore and Goa. It is the general vibe that is both laidback yet vibrant at the same time. Especially during off-season when there is hardly a soul here. For reprint rights:Times Syndication Service, Demonetisation: Foreign tourists bypass Gokarna. This prompted Ravana to offer his evening prayers even though it was still noon. It is a popular one among the locals and tourists who come here to unwind. This is one of the … Goa’s churches are known for their architecture and the forts are impressive too. Midway Ganesha called out his name three times and then placed the lingam on the earth and vanished. Whether you believe them or not, they surely make for a good story. At most of the shops you can bargain to get a good deal. In another version, the story goes that Ravana wanted to answer nature’s call but because he had the lingam in hand he was unable to do so till he saw Ganesha. Namaste Yoga Farm and SwaSwara are two such places. BBMP to install cameras at black spots to watch you and catch you. Despite being a pilgrimage, you will easily find meat dishes at most places. Water sports are common on most beaches and so are shacks and restaurants. Kriti Kharbanda: Pulkit Samrat and I ha... Kriti Kharbanda: Pulkit Samrat and I have been dating for a year-and-a-half, but haven’t discussed marriage. ALSO SEE 13 breathtaking beaches in north Goa. Gokarna means cow’s ear in Sanskrit. 12 best places to celebrate Shivratri in India. Sometimes you can see similarities between Goa and Gokarna, and both are situated on the same route. According to this one, Shiva was sent to Patal Lok (under the earth) by Brahma. Being a coastal town, Gokarana offers water sports activities like snorkelling and banana boat ride on its beaches. True to its name, Paradise Beach is less crowded than Om and Kudle because it isn’t easily accessible. Beach accommodations are usually shacks but there are also homestays and guest houses available nearby. All the temples in Gokarna revolve around the same legend and the people who were part of it. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. The temple is pretty small and not as grand as you’d expect it to be but it is the story and the significance of his deed that draws devotees here. Also in the state of Karnataka, Karwar is only 59 km away from Gokarna and should not be missed. Here is everything you need to know about Gokarna. Beach Camping in Gokarna - An Offbeat Adventure Awaits You! Another temple town in Karnataka is Murudeshwar which is another name for Shiva and has the second-tallest Shiva statue in the world. Bike rentals are available for as cheap as 300 rupees per day. Gokarna Yoga School, Gokarna Yoga Garden and Astanga Gokarna are a few other places to learn this ancient holistic fitness form. It is at the ear-shaped union of two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini. Best to enjoy the off-beat beauty of beaches. The tourist hot spot of Gokarna, which sees a large influx of foreign tourists between October and February, has been hit hard by the impact of demonetisation. When Ravana was done with his prayers, he was shocked to find it on the ground. When you visit the place, you will hear more stories and legends about Gokarna and how it came to be. Can be visited throughout the year. January 2, 2019, 7:11 pm IST. Charu Chowdhary The resort also has a spa that offers Ayurvedic massages, a fine-dining restaurant that serves different cuisines and a swimming pool. Shiva was impressed with his dedication and decided to give it to him but the other gods were not pleased. Shree Shakti Cold Drinks and Restaurant has been around for 30 odd years in Gokarna and is famous for its fruit juices, ice creams, lassi and Indian dishes. Goa is only 144 km away from Gokarna and it will take you about three hours to reach here. - Don't forget to carry beach wear, sunscreen, hat, a pair of flip-flops, and sunglasses. The other, more interesting legend takes us back to mythology. While two-three days are enough to see the beauty of Goa, there are people who even stay for a week or more as they love the vibe of this state. The prime attraction of the town however is the 123 ft tall Shiva statue that is surrounded by sea on three sides. And while one temple is more famous than the others, when here, do pay a visit to the other smaller yet significant temples in the town. Foreign tourists, who love Gokarna beaches, joined hands with Arivu Balaga, of Adigona, in sweeping the streets at Bankikodla, and evoked a sense of responsibility among the local people on the importance of maintaining cleanliness. Patang (+91 9448302260) is another beach property offers accommodation in huts that are right on the sand. The pristine beaches of India are one of the major tourist attractions. If you are visiting Goa for the first time, it is best to keep one day for sightseeing and one day for beach hopping. Create and share itinerary, download PDF Guides and free access to Holidify's full content. Shiva gave him Uma, the most beautiful woman who Ravana carried on his shoulder. Murudeshwar is only 78 km away from Gokarna and is a pleasant drive that will not take you more than an hour-and-a-half. The property also conducts yoga retreats and classes giving you a holistic experience in the midst of nature. So these should definitely be your to-do list. If you want to party hard, Goa is more apt than Gokarna. It is located at Car Street Main Road. Koti Thirta Kere, Gokarna Gokarna's beaches are a breath of fresh air for an unadulterated beach experience. Among the many, the notable ones that attract pilgrims from other parts of the country as well are the following. The cool breeze in the evening is refreshing but don’t stay out for too long as roads are usually deserted by late evening. You can take a taxi or drive down on your own. The story goes back to 1500 years when Ravana wanted Shiva to give him the atmalingam and did a strong penance to please the god. Beaches are lined up with small restaurants offering all kinds of exotic cuisines - Mexican, Israeli, English breakfast, Indian etc. All eyes on next round of trial run for... All eyes on next round of trial run for e-buses. Again, cabs are available outside the airport. Palm clad beaches are dotted with foreign tourists in a majority and very few Indians are seen across.