Verification of Pre and Post University Degree: An employment background check verifies all pre and post university degrees. In the world of today's labour force, many positions - whether menial or white collar jobs - requires some sort of educational check, ranging from the lowest level certificate to higher level degrees. Some institutions may prefer verification requests via mail, which can also add to the length of the process. Many universities have a degree verification service. It will be a big loss if a common roadside restaurant goes to the length of investigating or carrying out an education verification on its employees resume(if there's any) because apparently, they will not only waste time and energy but they will also loose some money in the process. It is noteworthy that where qualifications are regarded as important and checked are in highly paid positions and not low paid jobs where the employers have barely enough to run their business. So how can you protect your business from educational fraud? WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES OF A GOOD EMPLOYEE. In this case, you must now spend additional resources to find and hire someone else. What should I do? These degrees may claim to give credit for relevant life experience, evaluate work history and require submission of a thesis or dissertation for evaluation to give an appearance of authenticity. At Barada Associates, we have 40 years of experience confirming not only enrollment and graduation dates but also degrees and/or certifications earned at a specified school. Job seekers provides information to background screening agencies and pay the stipulated amount accrued to such service. One way that some applicants try to pad their resume is by using “fake” universities or diploma mills on their resumes. Research shows more than half of people falsify their resumes in order to try to earn a job. It is important to know the purpose and the process of how education background checks work. Keep your verification process in order - you may decide to verify all degrees or only the highest degree obtained, but whatever the case may be, what you do for one candidate, you should do for all the rest. Employers evaluate applicants education background to screen out applicants who have forged and or exaggerated their qualifications and to protect the company against scam, such as degrees purchased from and verified by illegal institutions. Verification process sometimes takes longer if the school is on holiday or have a semester break. Hence, the more necessary for companies to conduct a thorough investigation into the applicant's educational background. It saves cost and mollifies the risk of bad hire. There are also checking services which apply to groups of universities. The answer is yes! IUM in Russia. reply from potential PhD advisor? 2. THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE CONDUCTING AN EDUCATION VERIFICATION. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. How would an employer confirm that the applicant is John Smith, who also has the degree from University X? Every university in the world??! A number that increased, from 66 percent only five years ago. It only takes a minute to sign up. Diploma mills are phony colleges that crank out fake degrees and transcripts at a dizzying pace. The process may take longer if the applicant has graduated some years back, or is not shortlisted in the school's database. The simplest way to eliminate the possibility of an incorrect match is to search using the student number. Which makes educational credentials matter now, more than ever. Even for individuals who have earned degrees the right way, advancing within a company may require having a certain degree or level of education. Let’s face it – one of the most common aspects of falsification on a candidate’s resume is their education. In some rare cases, certain institutions have a formal request process that can take longer and delay any hiring or promotional decisions. If an employer was incredibly skeptical, they could just ask an applicant basic things about their experience in school. Before you get agitated or become overly suspicious, bear in mind that those who front about their degrees comprises of a minority of employment candidates. Most diploma mills have very convincing websites and will provide their “students” with official-looking degrees and transcripts. Having a background screening provider verify your applicant’s education removes the stress of finding a match between the candidate’s alleged schooling and your educational requirements. The truth is that they are not accredited institutions. Generally, it depends on the kind of job one is looking for and the amount of responsibility involved before a check is carried out. If the candidate is female, be sure the information you submit reflects the actual name with which your candidate graduated with, as frequently, female candidates apply for the position under their married names and fail to provide their maiden names.